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Alick Macheso divorce case deepens

By Prosper Dembedza
D-day for Alick Macheso and Tafadzwa Mapako who is claiming US$7 130 monthly maintenance for her needs and the upkeep of her two minor children has been deffered to today after her lawyer cited other commitments.

Magistrate Mr Tafadzwa Muvhami deferred the matter to today after Mapako’s lawyer, David Ngwerume of Hamunakwadi, Nyandoro and Nyambuya Legal Practitioners had asked the court for a postponement of the matter on the basis that he had another case at the High Court.
Alick Macheso arrives at the Civil Courts accompanied by his wife Nyadzisai left and daughter Sharon. – Pictures by
Innocent Makawa
“I just recieved the papers early yesterday and furthermore I am attending a trial at the High Court. I have just liaised with my colleague to have the matter postponed to May 14,” he said.

Macheso’s lawyer, Norman Mugiya of Mugiya and Macharaga Law Chambers, agreed to have the matter postponed.

Macheso, who appeared spiffy in grey trousers and a checked jacket, looked relaxed and ready to take whatever the courts had in store. He arrived at court in the band kombi.

He was supported by wife Nyadzisai. She was driving the musician’s silver BMW X5 and was accompanied by eldest daughter Sharon who looked stylish in a little black and white dress and her signature face jewellery.

On the other hand Mapako was not ready to face the world as she remained in the back of a car with tinted windows while her lawyer went in to make his application for postponement.

In the maintenance claim filed by Hamunakwadi, Nyandoro and Nyambuya law firm on April 28 2014, Mapako stated that Macheso had not been supporting her and the two children since December last year.

She stated that the respondent was in a position to pay maintenance in the sum of US$7 130 per month.

Mapako had submitted that Macheso is a renowned sungura musician, who earns high income from shows, sponsorships, and international tours.

Mapako had indicated that her family required groceries to the tune of $1 500 per month and $300 for a housemaid.

She claimed $300 for the gardener.

Mapako is claiming clothing allowance amounting to $600 and $300 in fuel allowance.

She also says she needs $450 monthly for a driver and $600 in vehicle allowance and servicing.

She wants $750 for medication of her family and $550 for extra-curricular activities.

Telephone allowance has been pegged at $200 while rent, water and electricity bills are reportedly gobbling $1 100 per month.

Mapako wants Macheso to pay her $400 monthly for hair and beauty therapy.

She stated in her application that Macheso barred her from going to work when they were customarily married four years ago.

Mapako said her son, Alick Macheso (Junior), was of ill health and he required special medication while the other one, Allexin, was still an infant that also requires medical attention.

She added that Alick Macheso Junior has been very sick of late and needs medical treatment.

Macheso’s wife, Nyadzisai, has filed an opposing affdavit stating that Mapako’s demands are not in sync with the life that the musician’s family is accustomed to, saying that even when the two wives lived together they only spent $150 monthly on groceries.

Mapako has publicly accused Macheso of sexually abusing the child as an infant. She claims that the musician inserted his manhood and ejaculated into the child’s mouth.

The musician has denied the allegations although he admits to having used the traditional “kutara” method which entailed placing his manhood on the child’s fontanelle.

Meanwhile Macheso is demanding that the purported progeny of the union be subjected to DNA tests to determine their parentage.

He says that he doubts their paternity and also has reservations as to whether Mapako is the mother.

Mapako reportedly failed to turn up for the test twice but she countered the allegations by saying that she wishes to go through a court sanctified process.

The case has aroused keen interest with some people calling for the arrest of the musician while most of his fans expressed the view that he is well rid of Mapako whom they have labelled a gold digger and a destructive agent in the musician’s career. The Herald

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