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Man turns aunt’s toilet into home

A BULAWAYO man claims he walked from South Africa to Zimbabwe fleeing starvation after he failed to get a job in the neighbouring country and is now destitute, living in his aunt’s toilet.Mlamuli Nkala, 36, who alleges that his aunt bewitched him and has caused all the misfortune in his life, has been causing a stir in Emakhandeni suburb for the past month.

His aunt, Zibusiso Dlamini, has since fled from her home, leaving Nkala to inhabit the toilet, which is outside the house.
Nkala who was at the house when Chronicle visited, said he would not leave the toilet until his aunt removed the juju and curses she placed on him.

“I will stay in this toilet until this woman removes the juju she used to bewitch me. I walked from South Africa because I had no money for transport so I am not vacating this place. I am not scared of anyone,” he said.
Zibusiso Dlamini shows how her nephew Mlamuli Nkala (right) has been living in a toilet outside her Emakhandeni house
Dlamini said Nkala is her younger sister’s son but they do not get along.

“Nkala is my younger sister’s son but we don’t get along very well and even his parents disowned him. He is violent and even neighbours are afraid of him. I want to seek a protection order against him,” said Dlamini.

Dlamini said Nkala walked all the way from South Africa to stay in her toilet claiming that she bewitched him causing him to be a failure in life.

Dlamini also said she no longer stays in her own house because of Nkala who threatens her day and night.

“I am now staying at my mother’s house because of this man. I am scared he might hurt or kill me. I locked my gate and my house so he lives in the toilet. He jumps over the fence every day,” she said.

“He has been in South Africa for the past six years and came back only a month ago to live in my toilet. He sleeps and cooks in the toilet. He sometimes wears a skirt for he has no clothes or property because he came back with absolutely nothing,” she said.

One of the neighbours who preferred anonymity said Nkala walks to the city centre in the morning and comes back in the afternoon, as he cannot raise the R5 commuter omnibus fare.

“He goes to town on foot and comes back in the afternoon, jumps over the fence to get in his aunt’s yard. He is violent to everybody, mostly to his aunt who he claims bewitched him,” she said.

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