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Raunchy Dancer Bev Sibanda closes shop as Dirty Dancing picks up

Controversial Dancer Bev Sibanda has closed her classic clothing shop -after less than two months of operation-amid reports that it was not generating meaningful income. Bev opened the shop “briefly” ditched showbiz to join Prophet Walter Magaya’s Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries.
Raunchy Dancer Bev Sibanda closes shop as Dirty Dancing picks up
She was sponsored by Prophet Magaya as an income generating project after quitting “worldly” things but the lust for the quick money saw her return to secular. When reporters visited the shop located at Kwame Nkrumah shopping mall last Friday and witnessed three people packing all the costumes in the shop. It emerged that sales were very low and Bev was struggling to pay rentals to the extent that Prophet Magaya was forced to chip in several times.

Bev’s Manager, Hapaguti “hapaz” Mapimhidze yesterday confirmed that the shop had been closed because it was not generating much income. ” Yes the shop was closed last week, ” he said. ” We were getting nothing from the shop: The rentals were too high while the sales were very low. We are making enquiries at Gulf Complex and we are hoping that we can get another place to do business, ” he said.

Meanwhile Bev said she is now a “happy” woman following her return to the dance floor. “Now I can feel that things have gone back to normal. Mwana wangu anga ava kufa nenzara and with this short period that I have returned to showbiz, things have changed, Mwana wangu ava kutoitawo magaro. My family does not eat blessings, ” she said.

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