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What Do You See? (Part 1) | Strive Masiyiwa

There is a way to "see" things, that you will have to develop as a "skill", if you are to succeed.

Let's Talk:
In the series of the Tentmaker, I shared with you a story about a company called Naspers, based in South Africa. Many of you were no doubt surprised to find out that, this relatively unknown company is the parent of DSTV, the pay-TV operator. You were probably just as surprised to learn that at $55bn, it is Africa's largest company by market value. And that contrary to to the conventional view about wealth, held in Africa, it is not a resource company, in oil, gold, diamonds or platinum. This is the sort of thing, that should catch your attention, as an Tentmaker.....and I am glad to see that many of you, "saw" this.

What Do You See? (Part 1) | Strive Masiyiwa
What else did you "see"?
That over 70% of Naspers value comes from the 34%, they own in a company called Tencent, in China! Tencent, is only 15 years old,but Naspers itself nearly 100 years. Tencent is not a resource company, but is primarily an Online media company.

What else did you "see"?
Did you see that over 70% of its income comes from the businesses that account for less than 70%, of its value!

Are these people mad, you might ask?
Tencent is valued at more than $140bn, and is worth much more than those famous gold, and Diamond companies like Ashanti Goldfield, De Beers Diamonds, Zimplats, Lonmin, Anglo American. Tencent has virtually no physical assets, and does not make that much money!

So what did you "see"?
When you were in grade 7, you were taught that 5+5=10;
When you got to High School, they said 5+2y=20
They said, it is Algebra, and you accepted, knowing that this was now for senior class.

There are some things about the world of business, which is for "senior class".

What did you "see"?
If Tencent, had been brought to you, in 2001, as a loss making start-up, in an industry that did not yet exist, and in China, not yet the hot economy it is today, would you have taken it? What if the option had been to get shares in a tobacco company, that was making lots of money?

Even as Christians, we know that what you learn in Sunday school, is for junior class revelation. As an adult, you will not prosper, if you try to live life, on the understanding of God, given in Sunday school.
The Apostle Paul, our chief Tentmaker, said:
"When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things. For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall know just as I also am known". (1Co13:11-12).

Is it not time to start seeing, as those in "senior" class?
If we are to "reign" in life, as we must (Roms5:17), then we must challenge, how we "see" things, all the time; making sure we are not living on "junior" class "thinking", "talking" and "understanding" of important issues, that affect our lives.


To be continued…

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