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May 2014
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By Garikai Mazara
It is quite sad, and ironic, too, that when the genre that most Zimbabweans have come to identify as their own, sungura, is facing challenging times, the king of that genre is facing personal problems.
Alick Macheso
That Alick Macheso is the king of sungura is non-debatable and the sooner he recovers from the personal problems that have entered his bedroom, assuming that the problems have had a material effect on his performances and musical career, the better it is for local music, sungura in particular.

On face value, there seems to be no correlation between Macheso’s marital problems and his career. His last attempt, Kwatabva Mitunhu, did not impact heavily on the market, and that was well before his domestic woes came into the public domain. So one might conclude that there is no relation between his problems with Tafadzwa and the manner with which his album has been poorly received.

There is hope, though, amongst his fans that the recent developments in Macheso’s personal life will likely spur the cougar in him and that the next album is likely to be a hit, typical of his Zvakanaka Zvakadaro days, an album with six hits.
There is also another school of thought that still mourns Tongai Moyo’s death endlessly. If Tongai was alive and kicking, our sungura scene would be a lot better, a lot hotter, the chorus goes. Rivalry, this school of thought further argues, is the key to any genre and the moment that Dhewa breathed his last, that is the moment that sungura also breathed its last. At least for the time being.

This explains why dancehall has risen to take that gap which has been left yawning by sungura.

Or could it be that dancehall filled the gap that was left open by urban grooves? Urban grooves, the genre that made artists like Ngoni Kambarami, Diana Samkange, Nox, Roy and Royce, Roki, Plaxedes Wenyika, and a host of many other artistes popular. Remember how urban grooves nights were popular, first at the now closed Sports Diner (where horse-race betting is now taking place) and later on at the equally closed KFC?

Though various theories and explanations have been thrown around regarding the emergence of dancehall, and the seemingly poor patch that sungura is going through, what is not arguable is that music is dynamic, very dynamic.

Whereas the Sex Pistols drove thousands crazy during the 70s, the same cannot be said about that kind of appeal today. For we have Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Pharrell, among other names, running the show today.

Whilst it might have been very optimistic to hope that sungura, because it is a home-grown genre, would run the show until eternity, a simple look at the ever-changing music landscape will show that no genre, nor artiste, can hold forte for eternity.

For instance, rhumba music used to be the music at almost every party, forcing upon us artistes like Papa Joze (Ndochi) along the way. When rhumba was the craze, almost every now and then Harare and Bulawayo would play host to Congolese artistes and Kanda Bongoman would perform in the said towns as regularly as Macheso does today. Then just like that, rhumba went out of fashion.

In some quarters it might seen as mischievous when an allusion is made to rivalries but truth is that such relationships have existed, locally or internationally, with an ease reference being the composition of such songs as Leonard Dembo’s Madhiri, which many assume was a tribute to Simon Chimbetu’s incarceration. Chimbetu, for his part, hit back when Dembo had gone six feet under, composing Haina Window.

Though Oliver Mtukudzi and Thomas Mapfumo have for long denied the existence of any rivalry between them, it is a public secret that the two would not drink from the same cup.

So it is in that context, that rivalry is good for any genre, that is why many are arguing that the absence of a fierce rival to Macheso might be the reason why sungura is now on a low. Well, the music scene might be having Suluman Chimbetu and Jah Prayzah, but it would be a misnomer to call their co-existence with Macheso anything near a rivalry.

When part of Macheso’s band left Orchestra Mberikwazvo for Sulu’s Orchestra Dendera, there seemed, at least for a while, to emerge a pattern of rivalry but that their genres are as different as day and night, the rivalry did not live for long. Besides, Sulu, given his age, appears more of a son to Macheso than a rival.

But with Tongai Moyo and Macheso, it was neck and neck. An urban legend goes on to allege that they even competed when it came to the fairer sex, at times clashing at the same woman. That is the kind of rivalry that is missing today, and you can feel it in Macheso’s compositions, that they tend to be rather laid back. His latest album lacks that punch, the hitting lyrics, which were commonplace at the height of his feud with Dhewa.

Extra Kwazvose, fine they might be an off-shoot of Orchestra Mberikwazvo, but we are yet to find out how good they are. Their first offering did not convince many, if any, of the sungura followers, that they can be a threat to Macheso. Which leaves their second release, made available to the market on Wednesday, an album to listen to attentively.

Nicholas Zacharia, fine he has been there for decades now and his Khiama Boys is where Macheso was born and bred but that Macheso went on to steal the limelight from him, the so-called Senior Lecturer, can only be testimony of the kind of competition he can be expected to give to Macheso.

Pengaudzoke, if they had been as united as they were from the beginning, should have been the band to give Macheso some form of competition but the Somanje brothers are like oil and water, yet they were born of the same mother and father.

So for the local sungura genre to keep vibrant, it rests with the likes of Suluman Chimbetu and Jah Prayzah to keep the fire burning so as to replicate what prevailed in the 80s. In spite of different genres, John Chibadura, James Chimombe, Marshall Munhumumwe, Leonard Dembo, Mukoma Ketai, Solomon Skuza, among a host of other names, kept the local music on the charts. The Sunday Mail

By Hope WekwaMusvosvi
Proverbs 31v 25 ,' She is clothed with STRENGTH and DIGNITY ;she can laugh at the days to come.

A man treats a woman how he see's her....And he learns how to treat her by watching how she treats herself.If a woman truly respects herself then her man will respect her too..Don't complain how bad someone treats you if you haven't first asked yourself why you are accepting it!!! Tony A. Gaskins Jr.

 High Heals High Standards
Woman you are valuable,Your creator engraved you on the palms of his hands,your walls are ever before him (Isaiah 49v 16). Learn to respect your body,Dressing immodestly is like rolling in manure.Yes you'll get attention,but mostly from Pigs.(1 Timothy 2v9),'WOMEN dress MODESTLY with DECENCY and PROPRIETY.v10 But with good deeds appropriate for women who PROFESS to worship GOD.Ever wondered why he is always demanding for sex,when you have made up your mind to be CELIBATE maybe its your dressing sister girl don't be a stumbling block to that brother (Romans 14 v 13),'Therefore let us not pass judgment on one another, but rather decide NEVER TO PUT A STUMBLING BLOCK OR HINDRANCE IN THE way of a brother.

Be a principled woman, if you meet a man and he has a wife or girlfriend leave him alone.Send married man home to their wives and families let them keep the vows they made to their wives.

Be a woman of integrity, Don't get caught up by what you see on the surface.God knows the trash underneath the treasure, and the treasure underneath the trash.Let him guide you. Just because he said he loves you doesn't mean that mean you break the vow you made to God that you will be Celibate till marriage.Stick to your principles sister girl.

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Its not only about wearing those stilettos but it's drawn to this conclusion HIGH HEELS HIGH STANDARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are worth far more than Rubies.

Tendai Rupapa Senior Court Reporter
Sungura ace Alick Macheso’s estranged wife, Tafadzwa Fortunate Mapako, was yesterday awarded US$1 030 monthly maintenance rather than the US$7 130 she was demanding in the emotionally charged case that saw her being escorted in and out of court by riot police for fear of public outrage.

Magistrate Mr Tafadzwa Muvhami ordered DNA tests to determine paternity of the children on or before June 6 this year.
Musician Alick Macheso (in checked jacket) and fans leave the Harare Civil Courts after the passing of a judgment on his maintenance case in Harare yesterday. -(Picture by William Mafunga)
Mapako’s lawyers, Mr Gift Nyandoro and Mr David Ngwerume, made an application for judgment to be delivered in chambers following disturbances the previous day when Macheso’s sympathisers verbally abused Mapako.

Mr Muvhami dismissed the application for lack of merit after Macheso’s lawyer, Mr Norman Mugiya, opposed it.
The magistrate, however, said police could ensure “her safety during and after the proceedings” and warned people against attacking Mapako.

In his maintenance ruling, Mr Muvhami said in the absence of witnesses to testify that Macheso gave Mapako a divorce token (gupuro), he was liable to maintain her until she died or she remarried.

“In an unregistered marriage, a gupuro or divorce token is paid to the woman who will then go and tell her parents that she has been divorced. Absolutely, there is no procedure that I know of other than giving it to her or her relative. In other cultures the gupuro is just thrown at the woman’s house.

“If Mapako had rejected it, Macheso was to go to her relatives like her aunts, hence without calling those witnesses, the only conclusion I came to is that the union still subsists, hence he should maintain Mapako,” he said.

But he rejected several of Mapako’s demands, saying only food, medical, clothing, fuel, accommodation and utility bills were important.
For the children’s welfare, Macheso was ordered to pay US$750 broken down as follows: US$350 for rentals, US$200 for food, US$40 for clothes, US$50 for water, US$80 for medical bills and US$30 for fuel monthly. He was also ordered to pay US$280 for Mapako’s food, medical and clothing to bring the total to US$1 030.

Mr Muvhami said: “All the other things can be done away with. For example, a maid when she is not employed, and also the issue of a driver; she should get a licence and drive her car rather than to burden Macheso.”

He said Mapako also failed to prove that Macheso could afford to pay US$7 130 a month.
Mr Muvhami did not have kind words for Macheso, either.
The vehicle carrying Tafadzwa Mapako being escorted into Civil Court by riot police today.
“He is being economical with the truth. As the King of sungura, he commands a huge following and the court cannot ignore the contents of a letter in which Macheso initially offered to pay a monthly maintenance of US$1 200; only three weeks down the line he is now offering US$150, clearly he is not being candid with this court.
“Mapako failed to justify the US$7 130 while on the other hand Macheso also failed to justify the US$150,” he said.

There is a way to "see" things, that you will have to develop as a "skill", if you are to succeed.

Let's Talk:
In the series of the Tentmaker, I shared with you a story about a company called Naspers, based in South Africa. Many of you were no doubt surprised to find out that, this relatively unknown company is the parent of DSTV, the pay-TV operator. You were probably just as surprised to learn that at $55bn, it is Africa's largest company by market value. And that contrary to to the conventional view about wealth, held in Africa, it is not a resource company, in oil, gold, diamonds or platinum. This is the sort of thing, that should catch your attention, as an Tentmaker.....and I am glad to see that many of you, "saw" this.

What Do You See? (Part 1) | Strive Masiyiwa
What else did you "see"?
That over 70% of Naspers value comes from the 34%, they own in a company called Tencent, in China! Tencent, is only 15 years old,but Naspers itself nearly 100 years. Tencent is not a resource company, but is primarily an Online media company.

What else did you "see"?
Did you see that over 70% of its income comes from the businesses that account for less than 70%, of its value!

Are these people mad, you might ask?
Tencent is valued at more than $140bn, and is worth much more than those famous gold, and Diamond companies like Ashanti Goldfield, De Beers Diamonds, Zimplats, Lonmin, Anglo American. Tencent has virtually no physical assets, and does not make that much money!

So what did you "see"?
When you were in grade 7, you were taught that 5+5=10;
When you got to High School, they said 5+2y=20
They said, it is Algebra, and you accepted, knowing that this was now for senior class.

There are some things about the world of business, which is for "senior class".

What did you "see"?
If Tencent, had been brought to you, in 2001, as a loss making start-up, in an industry that did not yet exist, and in China, not yet the hot economy it is today, would you have taken it? What if the option had been to get shares in a tobacco company, that was making lots of money?

Even as Christians, we know that what you learn in Sunday school, is for junior class revelation. As an adult, you will not prosper, if you try to live life, on the understanding of God, given in Sunday school.
The Apostle Paul, our chief Tentmaker, said:
"When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things. For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall know just as I also am known". (1Co13:11-12).

Is it not time to start seeing, as those in "senior" class?
If we are to "reign" in life, as we must (Roms5:17), then we must challenge, how we "see" things, all the time; making sure we are not living on "junior" class "thinking", "talking" and "understanding" of important issues, that affect our lives.


To be continued…

Wendy Williams gave her take on hot topics and she was all supporting Solange.She feels the woman Solange had an argument with at the party was having an affair with Jay Z. Several reports have it that Solange was arguing with Racheal Roy and Beyonce even stepped in to calm it down.

Solange Attacked Jay Z For Grabbing Another Woman’s Azz Behind Beyonce’s Back” – Wendy Williams
Wendy feels Solange caught him flirting with Racheal (above) and in annoyance she warned Racheal and exchanged words, then as soon as they got in the elevator, she attacked Jay Z .That explains why Beyonce was just standing ..

Solange got into an argument with fashion designer Racheal Roy.Now Rachel used to be an intern at Rocawear back in the days .Now look.back in the day those offices were Damon Dash and Jayz.There were pretty girls and models then and it was alleged that Damon and Jayz would pass girls around up there. Racheal,were you one of those girls?“Jay probably did some stupid, slick man mess while walking with his wife(demonstrates by tapping her producer’s butt to back claims he probably did something like squeeze Racheal’s butt while holding and ignorant Beyonce)….
…She(Solange) probably went to his face and told him something like”You’re not going to do that with my sister right here..So as they walked out of the party and as soon as the elevator shut,she had him beat down.
In my mind, Beyoncé didn’t get in the middle because Solange is probably attacking him over something that he knows he was dead wrong about. Therefore, sister didn’t get in the middle.
“Beyoncé and the security guard were standing there like this is nothing new between Solange and Jay-Z. It didn’t look like something new otherwise wouldn’t you have jumped in the way and stopped it if you were BeyoncéYou can ride with what ever theory you like but I’m sticking with the Wendy theory ”

By Prosper Dembedza
D-day for Alick Macheso and Tafadzwa Mapako who is claiming US$7 130 monthly maintenance for her needs and the upkeep of her two minor children has been deffered to today after her lawyer cited other commitments.

Magistrate Mr Tafadzwa Muvhami deferred the matter to today after Mapako’s lawyer, David Ngwerume of Hamunakwadi, Nyandoro and Nyambuya Legal Practitioners had asked the court for a postponement of the matter on the basis that he had another case at the High Court.
Alick Macheso arrives at the Civil Courts accompanied by his wife Nyadzisai left and daughter Sharon. – Pictures by
Innocent Makawa
“I just recieved the papers early yesterday and furthermore I am attending a trial at the High Court. I have just liaised with my colleague to have the matter postponed to May 14,” he said.

Macheso’s lawyer, Norman Mugiya of Mugiya and Macharaga Law Chambers, agreed to have the matter postponed.

Macheso, who appeared spiffy in grey trousers and a checked jacket, looked relaxed and ready to take whatever the courts had in store. He arrived at court in the band kombi.

He was supported by wife Nyadzisai. She was driving the musician’s silver BMW X5 and was accompanied by eldest daughter Sharon who looked stylish in a little black and white dress and her signature face jewellery.

On the other hand Mapako was not ready to face the world as she remained in the back of a car with tinted windows while her lawyer went in to make his application for postponement.

In the maintenance claim filed by Hamunakwadi, Nyandoro and Nyambuya law firm on April 28 2014, Mapako stated that Macheso had not been supporting her and the two children since December last year.

She stated that the respondent was in a position to pay maintenance in the sum of US$7 130 per month.

Mapako had submitted that Macheso is a renowned sungura musician, who earns high income from shows, sponsorships, and international tours.

Mapako had indicated that her family required groceries to the tune of $1 500 per month and $300 for a housemaid.

She claimed $300 for the gardener.

Mapako is claiming clothing allowance amounting to $600 and $300 in fuel allowance.

She also says she needs $450 monthly for a driver and $600 in vehicle allowance and servicing.

She wants $750 for medication of her family and $550 for extra-curricular activities.

Telephone allowance has been pegged at $200 while rent, water and electricity bills are reportedly gobbling $1 100 per month.

Mapako wants Macheso to pay her $400 monthly for hair and beauty therapy.

She stated in her application that Macheso barred her from going to work when they were customarily married four years ago.

Mapako said her son, Alick Macheso (Junior), was of ill health and he required special medication while the other one, Allexin, was still an infant that also requires medical attention.

She added that Alick Macheso Junior has been very sick of late and needs medical treatment.

Macheso’s wife, Nyadzisai, has filed an opposing affdavit stating that Mapako’s demands are not in sync with the life that the musician’s family is accustomed to, saying that even when the two wives lived together they only spent $150 monthly on groceries.

Mapako has publicly accused Macheso of sexually abusing the child as an infant. She claims that the musician inserted his manhood and ejaculated into the child’s mouth.

The musician has denied the allegations although he admits to having used the traditional “kutara” method which entailed placing his manhood on the child’s fontanelle.

Meanwhile Macheso is demanding that the purported progeny of the union be subjected to DNA tests to determine their parentage.

He says that he doubts their paternity and also has reservations as to whether Mapako is the mother.

Mapako reportedly failed to turn up for the test twice but she countered the allegations by saying that she wishes to go through a court sanctified process.

The case has aroused keen interest with some people calling for the arrest of the musician while most of his fans expressed the view that he is well rid of Mapako whom they have labelled a gold digger and a destructive agent in the musician’s career. The Herald

Albinos in East African countries are seen as spiritual elements that can be used for human blood rituals especially blood money with the believe that albinos bring good luck.

2 Witch Doctors In Tanzania Have Been Arrested For Killing Albinos
Two Tanzanian witch doctors have been arrested for allegedly killing a female albino by mutilating her body with a cutlass. One of the deceased albinism legs and several of her fingers were removed in the attack on Tuesday 14/05/2014.

Such killings have been reduced until yesterday when the dead woman's body was seen. This has prompted human rights group in Tanzania to call for all witch doctors to be banned for life. At a press conference on Wednesday, the group, Under The Same Sun said the current regulation of witch doctors was clearly not working.
BBC's representative Leonard Mubali in Dar es Salaam says that all witch doctors in Tanzania have to apply for a certificate from the ministry of health and welfare to in order practice. The attack took place in the village of Gasuma, in Simiyu province - a remote rural area in the north-west of Tanzania where killings of albinos have been reported in the past.

**Please help us tell Paul Scholes to keep away from Tanzania...

The man who groomed Alick Macheso, Sungura God father Nicholas “Senior Lecturer” Zacharia says he is very concerned by the troubles his former protégé and cousin Alick Macheso is always entangled in. The Norton based Musician says he is making frantic efforts to meet the Madhawu singer.

Nicholas Zakaria
In an interview Zacharia said his heart bleeds for Macheso following his divorce to his second wife Tafadzwa Mapako and his alleged bizarre way of treating nhova.

“As a close relative to Macheso, I am worried about where his life is heading,” said the seasoned musician.

“My heart bleeds for him and I am failing to understand where exactly he lost it. “I suspect he was ill-advised by some of his friends after we parted ways as Khiama Boys. “I knew Macheso from a tender age. He married his first wife Nyadzisai while we were together and all was well then. But now, the situation is out of hand.”

Zacharia said Macheso was a humble man who observed Christian morals. “We used to attend apostolic church services together and recently we were together with Nyadzisai and the rest of Macheso family at Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries (of Walter Magaya) though I never got close to his second wife Tafadzwa,” he said.

“Because of this church background and despite my advanced age, I do not understand this way of treating nhova using the manhood. “Maybe he got it from some of his friends, but he never shared that method with me since he had his first born child.”

Zacharia, popularly known as Madzibaba in the showbiz circles, is willing to engage Macheso and give him parental advice concerning his divorce case.

“Blood is thicker than water,” Madzibaba said.

Article Source: Daily News

Sources who attended the Met Gala after-party are now saying that Solange became upset with Jay Z after a few of her non-famous friends shows up to the party uninvited, claiming they were guests of Jay. “Two of her friends, who were not dressed for the Met Ball, showed up at The Standard and caused a scene downstairs,” a witness told the New York Daily News. “They wouldn’t leave and kept name dropping Jay Z. They were pretending they were guests of his and not hers. Management went to Julius (Beyonce’s bodyguard) and said there’s a problem.”
Jay-Z holds the side of his face as he leaves the elevator with Beyonce, a bodyguard and Solange Knowles following the altercation.
Once Jay caught wind of what was going on, he reportedly snapped at Solange, saying “don’t use my name.” Sources say that the scolding turned Solange sullen and she immediately wanted to leave the party, which explains the trio’s abrupt departure.

While they were heading out, witnesses claim that Solange learned of Jay’s plans to attend Rihanna’s Met after-party without his wife, Beyoncé, and all hell broke loose from there.

“She seemed drunk and irritated,” said a second source. “She said, ‘Why can’t you go home?’ and to Beyonce ‘Why does your husband need to go to the club right now?’”

Not being one to back down, Jay reportedly replied “You’re one to talk.” Sources claim his sharp response set her off, which led to the elevator altercation. Similar to the previous reports that are floating around out there, reps for Bey, Jay and Solo have not returned requests for comment.

If you have a pulse and an Internet connection, chances are you saw footage of or at least heard about the nasty altercation that took place between Jay Z and sister-in-law, Solange Knowles, at the Met Gala after-party. While the video revealed a lot about the level of rage that Solange felt towards Jay Z in that moment, there was no audio. So fans were left to speculate about what caused the showdown. But a few sources spoke to Us Weekly about the fight and they’re saying that it was all the result of a huge misunderstanding. According to one source, Jay said something that Solange took “the wrong way.”

“Solange flipped out over something Jay had said, that she took the wrong way,” the source claimed. “She took it too hard or too far. Not sure what it was, but she greatly overreacted.”

“Beyoncé tried to stay out of it,” added another source. “She does not approve of violence. They are trying to put the situation past them now.”

Of course, the conspiracy train has already left the station regarding possible reasons for the altercation, so fans may be a little reluctant to accept such a clean explanation. But it’s also interesting to note that sources are also claiming that Solange got into a heated dispute with Rachel Roy during the after-party as well. According to the insider, Solange yelled at the designer during the disagreement and Beyoncé “got in the middle of it.” Another source says that Solange was actually yelling at a few people and Rachel just happened to be included in the group. Similar to her altercation with Jay Z, folks are still in the dark about what caused the outburst. But there’s a good chance that the incidents are related. One witness says that following Solo’s altercation with Rachel, she “abruptly” left with Jay and Bey, but all seemed well during their departure.

As you may know, Rachel has ties to the Knowles-Carter family, which date back to the days of Roc-A-Fella Records. She is the ex-wife of Jay’s former business partner and close friend, Damon Dash.

Jay, Solange, and Rachel’s reps had no comment regarding the

Herald Reporters
Sungura ace Alick Macheso yesterday offered to pay US$150 towards the upkeep of his two children sired with Tafadzwa Fortunate Mapako.Mapako, through her lawyers Mr David Ngwerume and Gift Nyandoro of Hamunakwadi, Nyandoro and Nyambuya law firm, is demanding US$7 130 monthly maintenance for her needs and the upkeep of her two minor children.
Alick Macheso
However, Macheso disputed the amount saying he could not afford it. Magistrate Mr Tafadzwa Muvhami is expected to deliver judgment in the case today.

The case has aroused interest among the public as witnessed by the attendance in and outside the court premises yesterday.
The courtroom packed, prompting the court orderly to question why people had flooded the court.

As the two camps made their way out of the court, hundreds of people mobbed Macheso’s car cheering him before doing the same to Nyadzisai, calling her “Amai”.

Tafadzwa could have encountered the worst day of her life as the mob turned to her calling her a “prostitute” and a “gold digger”.

Her lawyers had to provide cover. In her application, Mapako stated that Macheso is legally liable to maintain her and the two minor children since they are still legally married.

Her lawyer Mr Nyandoro added that Macheso earns a lot of money since he is a renowned artiste and an ambassador for various entities.

“It is in the public domain that Macheso earns a lot of money through his shows and from various entities such as Red Cross, Baker’s Inn and Nash Paints where he is an ambassador. If he is saying that he took these roles for free, then something is wrong with his management.

“Macheso is lying to the court that he earns between US$800 and US$1 000. If he earns that money, where was he going to get the US$1 000 plus he had initially offered as maintenance, is it a case of miracle money?

“We are not talking of Kapfupi here but Macheso who is a local, regional and international artiste and can charge more than US$6 000 per show.

“To Macheso US$7 130 is just a drop in the Kariba Dam. He is just running away from his responsibilities,” he said

He also told the court that it was Macheso who walked out of their marriage, not the other way round.

“The respondent alleges that he gave our client a divorce token but the question is, where is the proof? If it was Mapako who ended the four-year marriage, why then is Macheso giving her a divorce token instead of Mapako giving him the token?”

Mr Nyandoro accused Macheso of making a counter application demanding DNA tests, adding that he should make a separate application.

In response Macheso through his lawyer, Mr Norman Mugiya of Mugiya and Macharaga Law Chambers, said he could not afford to pay that amount as he was an ordinary musician employed by Orchestra Mberikwazvo earning between US$800 and US$1 000 depending on the fortunes of that month.

Mr Mugiya added that at law Macheso was not liable to maintain Mapako.

“Your Worship, I think Mapako should direct her claims to Macheso as an individual not to the band since he is an employee to the band and being paid by a manager.

“She thought she would get a meal certificate from Macheso as Fortunate thinks she might be fortunate enough to get that money. Where is the tangible evidence that my client has other means of getting money?” he added.

He accused Mapako of picking people from nowhere to make them file affidavits claiming to be her driver and landlord.

“I think this so-called driver was picked from Mbare and employed this morning as a driver. It’s common cause that kids catch a cold and in the case of Alick Junior who Mapako alleges is of ill health, it’s just a cold which can be cured by pain killers so what does she need US$900 for?”

Mr Mugiya further said there was nothing irregular with Macheso’s first wife Nyadzisai filing a supporting affidavit.

He said Nyadzisai was Macheso’s only wife following Tafadzwa’s fall from grace.

“I pray that the court orders an interim figure of US$150 which is a whopping figure for Mapako and to order paternity tests to be conducted by May 30,” he said.

Tendai Mugabe and Lloyd Gumbo
DESPITE infantile denials that they had nothing to do with the Baba Jukwa Facebook page, or that their e-mail had not been hacked to expose the identity of those behind the page, the shadowy Facebook character on Tuesday admitted that hackers locked “him” out of his e-mail account last year.Hackers, who were working to unravel the identity of Baba Jukwa since last year, at the weekend identified two South Africa-based Zimbabwean journalists — Mkhululi Chimoio and Mxolisi Ncube — as the people administering the scandalous Facebook page.
Baba Jukwa confesses

The pair, in their private chats, admitted to fabricating most of the information on the page to cast Zanu-PF, its leadership, members and supporters in bad light and to prop up the fortunes of the opposition MDC-T.

The hackers took control of the e-mail account,, and locked out its owners last year, though the administrators — who are still in control of the Facebook page — opened another account to continue operating.

And in a bid to hit back at the Sunday Mail, and Chronicle for breaking the story and the Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services for commenting on the expose, Baba Jukwa posted his usual scandalous allegations against the editors of the paper and Minister Jonathan Moyo in which he unwittingly let the cat out of the bag.

Said Baba Jukwa in a post on Monday posted: “If hackers hacked why didn’t (they) take control of the famous Baba Jukwa page since they claim to have control of MY EMAIL I ABANDONED IN 2013?”

In their responses several people asked why Baba Jukwa was denying that he was exposed when he had just admitted that the hacked email was his.
‘’What I don’t understand is that this BJ has admitted owning the email address but still claims he is not those two guys, confusing indeed. But the clear thing is BJ chaiye akabatwa kare either way because uyu akadhakwa,’’ said one Reason Ben.

Wilberforce Nyamustsika quipped with ‘’So the e-mail hacked belonged to Baba Jukwa, but was abandoned 2013 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Seka zvako mwana waNenguwo naMutoko.’’ while Brighton Chiwola took exception to the attempted smear on the two journalists and the minister, ‘’ You sound bitter! Why do u include Mathuthu when you know he is no longer with New Zim? Does the fact that Joram Nyathi is now with Zimpapers make the ZimInd a Zanu-PF project? The fact remains you were fooled and you thought you could fool us Zimbos, but now you have been CAUGHT! contrary to what you said in your chat with Sahwi, Zimbos are not fools!’’

The syndicate apparently panicked at the weekend and removed some of the more sensational posts that can potentially lead to criminal charges.
A cache of emails hacked from Gmail account last year exposed the duo admitting to lying to their followers in addition to extorting an undisclosed amount of money to fund their project.

“Baba Jukwa” last year claimed that President Mugabe and Zanu-PF had put a US$300 000 bounty on their heads. But an e-mail dated July 6, 2013 addressed to one Commander Milan, “Baba Jukwa” laughed about how he had made up the bounty claim.

Some media organisations, including British newspaper The Guardian, ran stories based on “Baba Jukwa’s” lies.
The Facebook page also carried posts of private cell numbers of prominent people and exhorted the public to call them and harass them.

Several affected people said they experienced serious trauma in the form of insults and verbal abuse and called for the arrests of the administrators.
In interviews with The Herald, they recounted how they were affected by the intrusion into their privacy.

Some of them said those behind the Facebook page should apologise to the nation.
Environment, Water and Climate Minister Saviour Kasukuwere said: “It was a very bad situation where I received phone calls from all over the world with people intruding into my family unnecessarily. Obviously we are going to take action on that.”

Presidential spokesperson Mr George Charamba added, “They gave Charamba’s number claiming it to be President Mugabe’s number. I received numerous calls and most of them were, however, congratulating the President and of course some were insulting me.

“There was gross intrusion in my life and those behind that Facebook page should apologise to the nation and my person if we are to have a starting point.”
Mr Charamba said another time “Baba Jukwa” posted his cell phone number claiming that it was that of a girl searching for “a serious boyfriend”.

“I endured three months of courtship from several boys from South Africa and others in the United Kingdom who were using hidden numbers,” he said.
Mr Charamba said he reported the matter to the Posts and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe.

A senior security official who declined to be named said the architects of “Baba Jukwa” character were an extension of the illegal regime change agenda and must be sued.

Jay Z was viciously attacked by his wife Beyonce’s sister Solange as the trio left the Met Gala after party in New York last Monday. 

 The 27-year-old was caught on surveillance camera lashing out wildly at her brother-in-law, 44, with both her arms and her legs, while her sister stood beside them looking curiously impassive.

The famous family were in an elevator descending from a soiree that followed the annual fashion fest at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The seemingly unprovoked attack plays out in footage obtained by TMZ.

Solange can clearly be seen kicking and swinging violently at Jay Z, the father of her two-year-old niece, Blue Ivy, after the trio step into the elevator.

Solange Knowles attacks Jay Z in lift after Met Gala
Solange was screaming at her family member when the fight erupted and can be seen in the footage mouthing what appears to be a diatribe at the hip hop legend, according to TMZ sources.

In the footage, a man who looks to be a bodyguard tries to hold Solange back but she manages to rain blows on the rapper several times, and even hits him with her purse.

During the frenzied altercation, Jay Z grabs her stiletto clad foot to block a kick but never attempts to retaliate.

Beyonce seems sanguine throughout, and appears to be trying to calm her sister down.. . at one point she pragmatically removes the long train of her Givenchy Haute Couture dress from the fray.

The bodyguard can also be seen pushing the emergency stop button in the elevator at the 12th floor, no doubt stop the fight spilling out in front of photographers.

Jay Z’s shocked appearance and hand to face as Solange marches angrily ahead after leaving the elevator were captured on film, however.

Beyonce tried to muster a showbiz smile as the threesome left but then tellingly departed with her sister in a car while her husband left separately.

It’s not yet known what provoked the fight, however, the famous couple looked as happy as ever as they attended a Brooklyn Nets game on Saturday while Solange played a gig in New York.

While there still has been no word from either Beyonce or Jay Z’s representatives, a spokesperson from The Standard Hotel in New York City has made a statement. Following calls regarding the leaked CCTV footage, reps for The Standard Hotel told MailOnline, they were ‘shocked and disappointed’ in what had been a ‘clear breach of our security system’.

They said in a statement: ‘We are investigating with the utmost urgency the circumstances surrounding the situation and, as is our customary practice, will discipline and prosecute the individuals involved to our fullest capacity.’

Tense- In a surprising move, Beyonce left the venue with her sister after the drama
Rather tellingly, Jay Z had his arms affectionately around Solange’s son who is known as Juelz, now nine, as the family sat courtside.

On Sunday, after the Webster Hall gig with M.I.A, Solange Tweeted: ‘This might have been top 10 days ever in life.’

According to Radar, Jay Z and Beyonce seemed distant as they arrived at the Standard Hotel’s Boom Boom Room, a far cry from the adorable show they made of a schmaltzy proposal on the red carpet earlier at the Vogue party.

Beyonce had dropped a ring and her husband was quick to hit the deck and retrieve it, before recreating the moment he asked her to become his wife.

That was a typically envy inducing show of togetherness, like Mr and Mrs Carter’s performance at this year’s Grammy Awards.

At the Standard, away from prying eyes, the couple sat at a table together deep in conversation before Beyonce peeled away to party with her sister and stars like Lupita Nyong’o.

According to Us Magazine, the trio seemed fine together, although Jay Z sat by a firepit while Beyonce and Solonge – clad in her peach Phillip Lim dress – danced with Naomi Campbell.

They did, however, leave ‘abruptly’ the magazine reports.

Both women seemed merry but weren’t pictured holding alcohol.

Solange has admitted to issues with drugs in the past, and cancelled her European tour last year amidst rumours of usage… according to Radar Online.

In February, 2009, she tweeted about ending up in the hospital after a Nyquil overdose.

‘I don’t even smoke weed that often, but I’m finding I can’t remember things,’ she revealed on Twitter on Septemer 1 the same year.

Solange and the music mogul have been close for over a decade, with Jay Z – real name Shawn Carter – taking a big brother style role to the fledgling star after he started dating her sister.

Beyonce and Jay Z were famously friends first but started a relationship way back in 2001, they then married in 2008.

Mrs Carter is extremely close to her younger sibling, and made a surprise appearance at Coachella this year to support Solange’s set at the California music festival.

Back in 2008, she said: ‘People think there should be this great rivalry between us, but there’s never been any competition.

‘There’s a big age gap and we are two very different characters.

‘I try to stand on my own two feet and not talk too much about my sister. But the two of us are still close.’

She even said when asked if Jay Z was an inspiration: ‘I know. I have a lot of people to look up to and learn from.’

Always in Beyonce’s shadow despite her own immense talent, Solange had a few stints in Destiny’s Child, before signing with her father’s Mathew’s Music World Entertainment label; he and he girls’ mother Tina had quit their jobs to focus on their eldest child’s career.

But it paid off for Solange initially, too, as her her first studio album Solo Star – released when she was just 16 in 2003 – was a quiet success.

Just a year later, however, she married Daniel Smith, and after giving birth to their son Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr, moved to Idaho, where she occupied herself with writing music for her sister and ex Destiny’s Child stars Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.

But she missed the buzz of performing herself and after divorcing Smith in 2007, Solange threw herself back into the fray moving to Los Angeles so she could begin to start recording her own material.

It paid off as her second album, Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams, hit No. 9 on the Billboard 200 and garnered positive reviews.

She set up her own label, Saint Records, and recorded the album, True, in 2012 and has plans for a follow up later this year.

While no Beyonce, Solange is recognised as fashion icon and her Motown songwriting roots are respected throughout the industry.

The formerly solid family was rocked in 2009 when the girls’ mother Tina filed for divorce from Mathew, who was then still Beyonce’s manager, after it emerged he’d fathered a child during an extra-marital affair with Alexsandra Wright.

The Crazy in Love singer singer later ended her business relationship with her father, and neither sister attended his wedding to Gena Avery last year. As a family unit, they’ve still remained strong it had seemed, with Solange mentioning frequently in interviews that her son Juelz and baby Blue are more like siblings than cousins. Daily Mail

By Charles Laiton
POPULAR sungura icon Alick Macheso’s wife, Nyadzisai Macheso has blasted the musician’s estranged wife, Tafadzwa Mapako for claiming over US$7 000 maintenance from her husband, a figure she says is out of this world. Nyadzisai said Tafadzwa was living in dreamland, the only place where such figures could be found.

In her affidavit in support of Macheso’s response to Tafadzwa’s maintenance claim filed on Friday, Nyadzisai said: “I agree in toto with what the respondent [Macheso] stated in his affidavit as it reflects the truth of the real position on the ground as opposed to the fallacy which the applicant [Tafadzwa] has sought to portray in her founding affidavit.”
Alick Macheso with wives Tafadzwa and Nyadzisai
Nyadzisai said they only spent between US$100 and US$150 per month on household needs during the time they were staying together with Tafadzwa.

“I used to stay with the applicant during the course of the now terminated union and we lived an ordinary life in which we could buy groceries for about $100 to $150 per month as a combined family,” said Nyadzisai.

She added: “It is unfortunate that the applicant is creating a fictitious and imaginary standard of life which I think she has read from leisure and tourism books and not what she ever lived. The applicant lived a life which I know personally and there is nothing she can say which I do not know.”

Nyadzisai accompanied the marriage team that went to pay lobola for Tafadzwa when she was traditionally married to the sungura king.

Nyadzisai further said she was shocked by Tafadzwa’s claims but said she understood her motive especially as she had allegedly warned her husband that she was going to “fix him” and ensure that he was grounded and left with nothing.

“She has told the respondent that he had dealt with a wrong person and that he would regret the day he met her,” Nyadzisai said.

“The applicant also told me that the respondent [Macheso] was going to work for her following that fallout and that she did not need to look for employment anymore,” said Nyadzisai.

“I am surprised that the applicant appears to act as if I do not exist. I think she has forgotten that I also need to be cared for, especially as I am the only legitimate wife to the respondent after the collapse of the union with the applicant.”

On Tuesday last week, Tafadzwa filed a US$7 130 maintenance claim at the civil courts for herself and the two minor children who are at the centre of a paternity dispute.

She approached the courts through her lawyer, David Ngwe-rume following an irretrievably broken marriage with the musician which resulted in the parties making counter accusations against each other.

Speaking to The Standard’s sister newspaper, NewsDay last week, Ngwerume dismissed Macheso’s claims that Tafadzwa was playing hide and seek in a bid to avoid undergoing DNA tests to establish the paternity of her two minor children.

Ngwerume said Tafadzwa was still waiting for Macheso to advise her on the date and the neutral venue where the tests would be conducted as opposed to “some doctor’s surgery” in town.

But Nyadzisai claims Tafadzwa was indeed playing truant in the matter and urged the court to dismiss her maintenance claim.
She further urged the court to order a provisional maintenance proposal suggested by her husband of US$1 250 per month pending paternity tests.

“In the circumstances, I pray for an order in the sum stated by the respondent pending paternity tests which the applicant has shockingly been avoiding on more than three occasions since I was always accompanying my husband,” Nyadzisai said.

In his response to Tafadzwa’s claim, Macheso, who is represented by a Harare lawyer Norman Mugiya, said he was not refusing to pay maintenance but wanted the issue of the paternity tests to be resolved first.

“I seriously doubt if the children are mine, hence the desire to know the truth. I will move that the court orders that the parties facilitate that the paternity tests be done and grant an interim order of maintenance pending paternity tests. I will definitely claim back the money I would have paid should it turn out that the children are not mine,” Macheso said.

Macheso said he had no idea where Tafadzwa was getting the figure of US$7 130 from.

“I have no doubt in my mind that the applicant is living in her own dreamland. I know she is after destroying me but her imaginary claim of maintenance has exposed her evil intentions. She knows very well that I have no means to get that amount but she wants me to die in jail as I cannot get the money regardless of how hard I work or get assistance.

She knows I will be arrested for defaulting on paying maintenance,” he said in his affidavit.

Macheso further said his musical shows had hit hard times. At times, he said, he grosses less than US$10 000 per month which would also cover expenses such as paying security costs, venues, agents or promoters and salaries for his 20-member band team.
Among other expenses, Tafadzwa is claiming what she termed extra-curricular activities in the sum of US$400.

But Macheso replied: “I am sure that the applicant is not serious or she is not being given wise counsel and is clearly fooled. What is this animal called ‘extra-curricular activities’ valued at US$400 per month? This is clearly a joke and must be dismissed with the contempt it deserves.”

“What is interesting to note is that the applicant [Tafadzwa] did not justify any of the stated and purpose needs. She simply out of guess work, excitement, misguided advice and imagination, placated the figures on papers in the hope of hitting a jackpot in her new found lotto.”

The maintenance matter is set to be heard on Tuesday this week. Zimbabwe Standard

Elegant pageant director Siphiwe Sibiya, of Miss Zim-SA, fame is vying for a double award after being nominated for the Zimbabwe International Women’s Awards (ZIWA) set to be held on June 14 in Birmingham, England.

She was nominated in the People’s Choice and the Media Professional of the Year award. Founded in 2013, ZIWA celebrates and recognises the unsung heroines who have made a contribution to our community in entrepreneurship, business, education, social, charity, humanitarian work, entertainment and arts.

ASiphiwe Sibiya going places.
ZIWA also seeks to bring these role models together, not only to celebrate and recognise their success, but to inspire the younger generation of Zimbabwean women.

“Being nominated in the people’s choice category speaks volumes about what people think and feel toward me,” Sibiya told The Zimbabwean.

“I feel humbled and very grateful to the people who forwarded my name for the nomination. This nomination has taught me that patience, perseverance, a strong heart, accompanied by a great passion for what one does get you the result at the end of the day. This also teaches me that you do not have to do something financially rewarding all the time. There are times when you get respect, contentment and appreciation above all and that alone says a lot about your character,” she said.

“Even if I win or fail to scoop the award, I am glad that out of hundreds of meaningful Zimbabwean women I managed to be shortlisted which proves what I am doing is recognised. This makes me feel like it’s one of the greatest achievements to date. It would be very nice to scoop both the awards and one cause nothing beats winning. Whichever way am happy I made it this far,” added Sibiya.
Winners of Miss Zim-SA 2013, a product of Sibiya.
She holds a diploma in Business Studies and communication from a British commercial college and is currently studying as a languages assessor. She also attended the e-school of arts at the South African State Theatre.

Upon completing her studies she was employed by the arts school as a production coordinator. Since forming her company in 2009, Sibiya has successfully staged the inaugural Miss Zimbabwe South Africa 2010 event.

She starred in a short film - Bambanani - which was done for workshop purposes and came 2nd out of the 10 short films presented. She also featured in a reality show which is to air later this year on, entitled The six ladies of Gauteng where she was interviewed along with 50 other women doing it for themselves. She made it to the top six for the reality show.

She has done successful shows with musician Sol Chibambu featuring Judith Sephuma, the Legendary Lou Mhlanga, and the sensational Zodwa Mabena from Ladies in Jazz.

In September 2011, Forbes Online put out a request for a list of the 40 Most Powerful Celebrities in contemporary Africa. Over 7,500 entries were received! Now we get to see who made the list.

Oliver Mtukudzi: One Of The Most Powerful Celebrities In Africa
The list was compiled by Forbes contributor, Mfonobong Nsehe. In the introduction for the list, Mfonobong outlines the criteria.

“Determining the celebrities who exert the highest degree of influence in contemporary African pop culture involved sifting through the nominations for the individuals with the highest numbers of votes, and then measuring their media visibility (exposure in print, television, radio and online), number of web references on Google, TV/radio mentions and their general clout across the continent. Ideally, a robust social media presence would have been an invaluable yardstick in determining the intensity of influence these individuals exert over their enthusiasts.”

1. Chinua Achebe, 80, Nigerian, Novelist
2. Youssou N’dour, Age: 51, Senegalese, Musician
3. Didier Drogba, 33, Ivorian, Soccer Player
4. Angelique Kidjo, 51, Beninoise, Musician
5. Akon, 38, Senegalese, Musician
6. Wole Soyinka, 77, Nigerian, Playwright
7. Salif Keita, 62, Malian, Musician
8. Yvonne Chaka Chaka, 46, South African, Musician
9. Oumou Sangare, 43, Malian, Musician
10. Femi Kuti, 49, Nigerian, Musician
11. Toumani Diabaté, Malian, Musician
12. Oliver Mtukudzi, 59, Zimbabwean, Musician
13. Haile Gebrselassie, 38, Ethiopian, Athlete
14. Khaled Hadj Ibrahim, 51, Algerian, Musician
15. Samuel Eto’o, 30, Cameroonian, Soccer Player
16. Alek Wek, 34, Sudanese, Supermodel
17. Liya Kebede, 33, Ethiopian, Supermodel
18. Dobet Gnahoré, 29, Ivorian, Musician
19. Genevieve Nnaji, 32, Nigerian, Actress
20. Koffi Olomidé, 55, Congolese, Musician
21. Neill Blomkamp, 32, South African, Movie Director
22. Souad Massi, 39, Algerian, Musician
23. Baaba Maal, 58, Senegalese, Musician
24. Hugh Masekela, 72, South African, Musician
25. K’Naan, 33, Somali, Rapper
26. Amadou and Mariam, Malian, Musicians
27. Awilo Longomba, Congolese, Musician
28. Eric Wainaina, 38, Kenyan, Musician
29. Binyavanga Wainaina, 40, Kenyan, Author
30. Ngugi Wa Thiongo, 73, Kenyan, Author
31. Freshlyground, South African, Musicians
32. Chimamanda Adichie, 34, Nigerian, Writer
33. Rokia Traoré, 37, Malian, Musician
34. Tuface Idibia, 36, Nigerian, Musician
35. P-Square, 29, Nigerian, Musicians
36. Don Jazzy, 30, Nigerian, Music Producer
37. D’Banj, 31, Nigerian, Musician
38. Nneka, 31, Nigerian, Musician
39. Asa, 29, Nigerian, Musician
40. Patricia Amira, 33, Kenyan, TV Personality

For more information on the list alongside photos and profiles on the 40 Most Powerful Celebrities In Africa, click here to visit the Forbes website.

What do you think?

Pole dancers and dance groups could be jailed for up to two years or fined $700 for operating without a license.

Bev Could Go To Jail
This is according to the Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (Zimura).

You see, what happens is that if you want to play any music in public you need a certificate from them. The fee is about $50 and ensures that you are complying with the Copyright Act.

Zimura southern region manager Clarence Garura says that his organisation will start raiding night clubs to get people who are performing without a license arrested. These nightspots must also pay a a fee to allow music to be performed at their premises.

Bev as well as Zoey has not paid license fees.

Well, we hope they don’t get arrested cause then it would just be weird for the self-help fellas out there who would have to resort to cheap porn on Whatsapp as stimulants.

With information from The Chronicle (Zimbabwe)

HARARE - Manchester City’s win of the English Premiership over rivals Liverpool has reignited debate on the alleged prophecy by charismatic preacher, Prophet Uebert Angel following his much publicised lawsuit against Supersport.

When the curtain came down on the Premiership yesterday, the Daily News sought Angel’s comments after Supersport last year reported that the flamboyant millionaire Spirit Embassy leader had predicted that Liverpool would win the English title.
Angel maintains Liverpool stance
But Angel denied ever making such a prophecy and yesterday his pastors maintained that did not make the prediction hence his lawsuit against Supersport.

In January Angel tweeted: “I never prophesied Liverpool winning any cup. I don't know where SuperSport got it-Even if by some chance Liverpool wins doesn’t give me credit.”

A pastor with the church yesterday maintained that while Angel is known to have prophesied accurately soccer results in the past, he never prophesied that Liverpool would win the title.

He said: “In fact contrary to recent reports that he sued when he saw Liverpool losing in March, Angel’s recant was not in March 2014 but on the 1st of January 2014 on his official twitter account when the league was just half way the mark and wide open for any top half teams to clinch the title.

“We even went on to produce a disclaimer video footage on YouTube which was uploaded on the January 2014, two days after SuperSport had published the story.”

In an interview with Daily News just after his Exodus Night held on the December 31, 2013, Angel said “Maybe there is another Prophet Angel who prophesied that. As for this Uebert Angel, he never gave such a prophecy, never give me credit for prophesying something I didn’t.”

Angel’s camp pursued the case against SuperSport in January in South Africa but his legal advisors referred it back to Zimbabwe to seek jurisdiction in the country where the case is centered.

“This is the reason why the case was raised in March in Zimbabwe where SuperSport’s agent Skynet was cited in the matter.

“However, SuperSport never provided evidence to prove Angel said it and everyone in Angel’s church has never heard him say Liverpool was to win. It is yet to be seen what action they will take now that Liverpool has lost the title race,” said the pastor who refused to be named as he has no authority to speak to the press on the matter.

Pressed by the Daily News if they were not trying to manage a prophecy gone wrong, the pastor said: “The Angel in the papers is not the Angel we know. Prophet Angel from the beginning of January even to you guys reiterated that Liverpool would not be taking the cup just as he said in your paper in January. Supersport must just apologise but I am sure knowing the humility of this man (Angel), this case might be solved amicably”

Stanely Mushava Christian entertainment
Worship Addicts are in another flight of creativity with a hot new offering entitled “Kuregerera in Advance.” The single is featured on the group’s compilation “Worship Addicts Select One” which was recently launched at AFM’s annual convention in Rufaro.
Also featured on the compilation are tracks “Unonakirwa,” “Ndinobudirira Chete,” “Show Me Your Face,” “Ndinoshuvira,” “Looking to You” and “Kune Zita.”

The compilation carry the group’s signature worshipper-at-heart ethic, while indulging touches of humour in some of the tracks.
Worship Addicts releases compilation album
“Kuregerera in Advance” is an emotive and lyrically varied track about forgiveness where the persona changes from a cheated spouse to a dumped child to a maligned pastor, in each case granting unreserved forgiveness to offenders.

Worship Addicts leader Takesure Zamar Ncube’s imposing voice jolts the audience to attention from the outset as he alternates between looking at life conflicts and urging the triumph of forgiveness. The Beitbridge-born psalmist told Herald Entertainment that “Kuregerera in Advance” promotes forgiveness and peace in families, churches and, ultimately, the nation.

“In the song I handle different situations. There is a child who is calling to an irresponsible father whom he has never seen all his life but he has a forgiving heart which says daddy wherever you are just know that I love you,” Zamar said.

“It challenges even a pastor to say his congregation he is aware of the things they say about him but he has already forgiven them.

“When we fall in love, we are fully aware that the companions to whom we tie ourselves are fallible hence the concept of forgiving in advance,” he said.

“There you go on Whatsapp, flirting with other guys, my heart is aching but I forgive.

“As the Lord forgave me, I have already forgiven you in advance,” translates some of the lyrics.

“Mama, I heard you once dumped into a bin but I forgive you.

“Daddy, we have never met, I had you disowned pregnancy, but I love and forgive as the Lord forgave me.

“As for you congregates, I know you will backbite, ‘The pastor is stealing money; he no longer has power, he no longer has the message, his wife can’t dress’ but I forgive you as the Lord forgave me, I also forgive you,” goes the song.

The other tracks are culled from different albums in the group’s devotional series. “Unonakirwa,” is a humorous jam with a sungura-like feel, is about the thrill of having the Holy Spirit in one’s life. The persona narrates his first day in a charismatic church when he is invited upfront but determines not to fall lest he compromise his swagger in front girls. Before he knows it he is on the floor in glossolalic convulsions.

“Ndinobudirira Chete” urges Christian to be wary of making wrong confession since life and death are in power of the tongue.

One of the group’s most popular track “Ndinoshuvira” is a laid-back but forceful worship track where the persona longs for the presence of God as a heart pants for a drinking brook.

“Show Me Your Face” and “Looking to You” extol the Lord Jesus and express a meek and dependent attitude to God.

Zamar has previously recorded six albums with the Worship Addicts band which was incepted in 2010.

Their debut offering was “Praise Addicts Vol 1” in 2011. The group has proven to be prolific by recording six more albums, some of them double-CDS, in the space of three years.

Following the trendy issue of the Abducted girls in Borno state of Nigeria. Many celebrities have been protesting and speaking out about the issue, Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji was interviewed recently by CNN’s Max Foster, where she talked about her government’s response to the Chibok school girls’ abduction.
Genevieve Mnaji

The interview below:
Max Foster: Genevieve Nnaji is an actress, model and singer who has been raising awareness on the #Bring Back Our Girls campaign. She told me they won’t stop till the missing girls are found. Take a listen.

Genevieve: Everyone is involved. We are all mothers, we are all humans and these are young girls that have been taken into captivity and uh . . . we just felt that as . . . some of us who have a bigger face and more recognizable in terms of being celebrities and having a large fan base, we thought it’s our responsibility to help shed light and bring the fight to the forefront and stop this inhumane act.

Max Foster: There’s been some criticism of the authorities in Nigeria that they were slow to react to this. What’s your reading into that?
Genevieve: Um, for me I think it would be unfair to say our government was slow to react because no one knew whether they reacted or not. The thing is we weren’t told, that’s the problem, we didn’t know if they were aware of the situation or not. So, the major problem people are having is that lack of communication between the government and the people. We just wanted them to, at least, react to us.

And make it aware to our knowledge that they know what was going on, we knew there was a problem at hand, its just that lack of communication.

Max Foster: Has it improved now?
Genevieve: Well, it has improved a whole lot, Now we can see things being put in place, now we can see the efforts being made and again, that will be credited to the noise that has been made, towards the campaigning that’s been made around the world, you know, the global community having an interest in this.

So, we are grateful for all the attention. What it has done is create hope in a situation that seemed hopeless in the beginning.

Max Foster: What do you make of other countries offering military support of various forms. Is that something that you welcome or would you rather that the Nigerian authority deal with it themselves?
Genevieve: This has been going on way too long and um . . . there’s no shame in asking for help and in taking it. The truth is, terrorism is not a country’s, it’s not our problem, it’s not a continent problem, it’s a global issue and if everyone can come together and help fight it at every point, at any part of the world, as long as we act as one again.

This is a breach of human rights, it’s something that should concern each and everyone. So, it’s welcome.

Max Foster: How has this affected Nigeria as a nation?
Genevieve: I think this situation is becoming a bit too close to home and this has nothing to do with gender, religion or whatever.

This is a human right problem and we are all human and what is going on is very, you know, inhumane if you ask me. And what it has done now is given us that confidence to know that our voices are loud enough to heard all around the world and we won’t stop. — NET.

He has become a celebrity almost overnight and is now gracing high profile functions as an emcee. Richard Matimba of the “Zvirikumbofamba sei?” fame is riding on a wave of unprecedented popularity thanks to his “Zim-Asset” joke which has gone viral on WhatsApp as well as on other social media platforms.

Uncle Ritchie shows some fancy footwork on stage at the Green Concert held over the weekend at 7 Arts Theatre (picture by Innocent Makawa)
Matimba, popularly known as Uncle Ritchie, sent the audiences into fits of laughter including the Environment, Water and Climate Minister Saviour Kasukuwere who was among the guests at the “Green Concert” held over the weekend at the 7 Arts Theatre.

Uncle Ritchie recited the one and half hour long joke “Wotoshaya kuti zvinhu zvacho zvirikumbofamba sei” and delighted the audience that attended the charity benefit concert headlined by the South African songstress Zahara.

“Unotoona vamwe vachitogerwa zuda muma butcher, vamwe vachitoseka, wotonzwa vamwe vachitochema wotonoona kuti pamwe vanhu vacho vanenge vakatosiyana siyana wotonzwa vanhu vachitoita ruzha, vamwe vachitoita zvinhu zvekuti unotoshaya kuti vanhu varikutombozvifambisa sei , unototadza kutozvinzwisisa kutoti unootona vanhu vachitomhanya vamwe vachitongoramba vakamira wotoshaya kuti zvese vanenge vachida kuti zviitwe sei . . . wotoona kuti vanhu vese pavari vanotoshaya mumiririri anotovamiririra kuitira kuti pavanozo discusser muParliament vanenge vachito discusser nenyaya dzeyi . . . zvinhu zvacho hazvisitombonzwisisiki . . . vamwe vanotoshandisa Vicks kuti flue yavo iite kakudzikira . . . ”

The monologue is made up of pure humorous nonsense like people getting their heads clean shaven at the butchery and really serious issues of the need for serious grassroots based representation in Parliament.

Uncle Ritchie plays the part of a person who is seeing it all through a kaleidoscope that is constantly shaken so he never gets what is going on.

As if it is not enough to be such a master wordsmith, the man also knows how to use his limbs and shake his bones. He also stole the thunder from Zahara when he danced fit to beat the biblical King David on stage during the show.

Clad in an all-white outfit, Uncle Ritchie effortless worked the stage showing his nimble-footed moves and drawing wild applause from the crowd.

Recently, Uncle Ritchie was featured on ZBCTV’s prime time news bulletin where he said he was a creative artist.

He is so passionate about comedy that he pokes his fans with at least one hilarious offering on a weekly basis.

But his most widely ciruclated joke to date has been the “Zim-Asset” one but he says it was his own way of simplifying complex issues into a simple discussion for easy comprehension.

Besides comedy, Uncle Ritchie is also a recording artiste with one gospel album up his sleeves.

He is also a the holder of Diploma in Education from Mutare Teachers’ Collegespecialising in music and Shona. He currently imparts his music skills to learners at Harare schools such as The Dominican Convent and David Livingstone among other.

No doubt about it, Zimbabwe’s comedy landscape may just have produced its best artist yet. This is definitely the one to watch over the next few months.

Zahara jets in for Tokwe-Mukosi gig

South African song bird and contemporary Afro jazz singer, Zahara, is in the country for the Green Concert shows whose part of the proceeds will be channelled towards helping the Tokwe Mukosi flood victims.

Zahara together with her band members arrived in Harare on Friday to a rousing welcome from multitudes of fans.

She told the ZBC News she is ready to give her best in the two shows in Harare and Bulawayo.

Zahara and her band members spent two hours at the Harare International Airport after the concert organisers failed to produce a temporary import permit for her instruments.

The band members were later cleared after officials from the Ministry of Environment, Water and Climate intervened.

They were then asked to pay a deposit fee for the instruments.

The concerts will be held under the theme: “Remembering Tokwe Mukosi – One Environmental Family.”

The Loliwe singer will be supported by Zimbabwe’s Goodwill Ambassador for the Water Conservation and Zero Littering campaign, Dereck Mpofu, Willis Wataffi and Cynthia Mare. ZBC

When news broke out of the break-up of Alick Macheso’s marriage to his second wife, Tafadzwa, few anticipated that the fallout would be that acrimonious.
The latest twist, bizarre you might say, coming from the Macheso camp is that besides claiming that the two children were not his, Macheso has gone a step further and is insinuating that Tafadzwa might not have even carried the two pregnancies.

Stuff that would make Mfundi Vundla, the producer of Generations, very green with envy.
The information coming from within the Macheso camp is that at one stage Tafadzwa was staying with a sister at her Eastlea lodgings. It is the sister who got pregnant first and some few months into her pregnancy, it was said that she had miscarried. And she continued staying with Tafadzwa.

At about the same time, Tafadzwa is said to have gotten pregnant and “delivered” at a hospital in the Harare’s Avenues area. The Macheso camp says that the sister who was said to have had a miscarriage never had a miscarriage in the first place, and is the one who carried the baby to full term.

Tafadzwa Macheso nee Mapako
Now how the sister might have carried a pregnancy to full term under Macheso’s nose is something that the camp is not able to explain, save to “pamwe aisunga”, a reference to the concealing of a pregnancy.

As for the second child, it is said Macheso was told of Tafadzwa’s pregnancy when she was two months into her term, and miraculously (please spare the prophets), she delivered five months later. In short, she delivered a normal baby at seven months.

Dr Sibusiso Matchaba-Hove, the gynaecologist who handled both Tafadzwa “deliveries”, when contacted to verify the claims coming from the Macheso camp, preferred not to say anything, citing the Hippocratic oath, which places doctor-patient confidentiality at the apex of a physician’s conduct.

Insiders within the Macheso camp claim that the sungura musician was alerted to some of the anomalies arising from Tafadzwa’s pregnancies, but as someone who was “so much in love”, he never listened. Besides, some within that camp also suggest that there could have been use of juju in the whole saga.

Reminiscent of the Dino Mudondo-Cecilia Depeta romantic escapades, when Dino used to eat raw fish, if you care to remember, dear reader.

The fascinating Macheso drama . . . Macheso claims kids not his… Now he says they are not Tafadzwa’s either… Settlement hinges on DNA tests
To cement their claims, the Macheso camp is saying the “delivery” of Tafadzwa’s first child, the one named after Alick, was perfectly timed around 2am, about the same time that Flight MH370 disappeared. Whereas others call it the “dead hour”, others call it the witching hour, when the rest of the world is supposed to be sleeping. And further to that, Macheso was out of Harare for a musical tour.

The Macheso camp is hinging their arguments not only on the pregnancy anomalies but a whole host of lies that was Tafadzwa’s relationship with Macheso. When she came into Macheso’s life, they allege, she claimed to be a medical doctor.

One music promoter even testified, off the record though, to have been introduced to Tafadzwa by Macheso way back in 2010. “I want you to meet the new person in my life, she is a medical doctor and if you have any problems, please feel free to contact her,” the promoter recalled last week.

The other lie that Tafadzwa is said to have pulled was that of her being known to Akon. In fact, having been Akon’s personal medical doctor. Several calls were allegedly made by someone in the United States who spoke to Macheso, such that Macheso was made to believe he was speaking to Akon.

One journalist even testified to have been in Macheso’s company at one time back in 2010, when Macheso took a call and spoke for quite a while, in English (the first time the journalist had heard Macheso speak fluent English) and after the call, he said: “That was Akon on the line.”

Then came the “I am related to the First Lady” lies. Macheso is said to have received several calls from people who claimed to have been sent by the First Lady or had links with the First Lady, at times threatening him not to call off his marriage to Tafadzwa. It was only after the intervention of the wife of a high-ranking army official that Macheso finally found some sleep.

In a wide-ranging interview a fortnight ago, when she spoke publicly for the first time about her troubled marriage, Tafadzwa dismissed all the talk of her having links with the First Family or the Akon story. “I stayed with Macheso for four years and how could someone stay with someone for that long and not find any evidence of me being linked to the First Family? Those are all lies to tarnish my name, but God is the only one who knows the truth,” she said.

It is against this background, of these and other untold Tafadzwa lies, that the Macheso camp is arguing that Tafadzwa should have her children tested for fatherhood. “People are mistaking Macheso’s stance,” said the insider, “he is not saying the kids are not his but is rather comfortable, if he is going to be maintaining them, that he does so fully aware that they are, indeed, his kids.”

Which seems quite a contradiction.
The Macheso camp, as further proof of the hold that Tafadzwa had on Macheso, alleges that almost everyone who tried to intervene or give counsel to the sungura musician was thrown by the wayside. One such example is Panganai Hare, who used to be a popular Macheso promoter. He was based in Bulawayo. Efforts to track him down were unsuccessful as he is said to be no longer practising law.

Hare is said to have detected the anomalies in the Macheso-Tafadzwa relationship right from the outset but he was shoved by the wayside — by none other than Macheso himself. At the height of their love, Macheso is said to have gone and discussed with Tafadzwa everything that had been raised by outsiders.

Zimbabwean Rapper, Stunner(Real Name Desmond Chideme) has released a new song titled Zvirikumbofamba sei.  The song rides on the popular Zvirikumbofamba sei skit by Comedian Richard “Uncle Richie”  Matimba. In the one of the opening  line Stunner goes, “wotonzwa kuti pfambi dzakuroorwa” .

Stunner pokes fun at Pokello,Makandiwa,Angel, Macheso et al in new song Zvirikumbofamba sei
Though he did not mention her name, its so clear its a reply to a taunt Pokello threw at her haters when she posted on her twitter account that “unobva washaya kuti vaya vanovenga vano vengereyi.Wozonzwa zvichinzi mahure haaroorwe asi wozoona ring ichipfekedzwa wobva wazvishaya.”

The other line pokes fun at Biti and the ongoing messy divorce between Macheso and his estranged wife Tafadzwa. He also takes a dig at Celebrity Preacher Emmanuel Makandiwa’s three day miracle baby and Prophet Angel’s miracle money. Bev and King Shaddy are also mentioned.

ONE of the journalists alleged to be behind the Baba Jukwa Facebook page is a former Bulawayo policeman and a reporter with Outpost Magazine.
Baba Jukwa targets bay for blood
South Africa-based Mxolisi Ncube and Mkhululi Chimoio have reportedly been running the social media project, claiming to be a high-ranking Zanu-PF official who was unhappy with events in the revolutionary party. The Facebook page hit international headlines ahead of elections last year after claiming to be a mole in President Mugabe’s inner circle.

Ncube, who denies the allegations, worked in the police public relations department in Bulawayo as a sergeant before moving to the neighbouring country.

Zanu-PF spokesperson Cde Rugare Gumbo yesterday welcomed the outing of Baba Jukwa but said it was sad that journalists had been involved in the scam.

“We are happy that the culprits have been identified. If there are more of them, we hope they will be exposed and be brought to book. This is a sad episode for the journalism profession and the social media. We do not expect such behaviour from our journalists. We hope that the case will be treated accordingly to its logical conclusion,” said Cde Gumbo.

He said the Baba Jukwa character scandalised influential people and created unnecessary discomfort within Zanu-PF and the government.
He, however, said there was need for thorough investigations before further steps were taken. One of Baba Jukwa’s victims, Minister of Environment, Water and Climate Cde Saviour Kasukuwere said the culprits should be held accountable for their actions.

“It is unfortunate that some people believed Baba Jukwa’s reports. The Facebook page was just designed to assassinate people’s characters and destroy Zanu-PF and the government.

“People in leadership positions should however accept that there will always be malice to damage their reputations and families. It is a good thing that the culprits have been unmasked and I hope they will pay for their actions,” said Cde Kasukuwere.
Baba Jukwa claimed at one point last year that Cde Kasukuwere was involved in “state-sponsored” political violence.

He received as many as 50 insulting phone calls on the day the allegations were posted.
Legal experts have however said while it was difficult to initiate proceedings against the previously unknown character (s) in the past, legal action could now be taken now since the pair’s identities have been revealed.

Reacting to the revelations, Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo said he was relieved that the unmasking of the real characters behind the scandal has proved that they were not a disgruntled Zanu-PF Politburo member contrary to some beliefs that the dispatches were an inside job.

Ncube told friends on Facebook yesterday that he had nothing to do with Baba Jukwa and later posted a joint statement with Chimoio saying they had engaged lawyers.

“In the wake of a print and social media frenzy linking us to the faceless Facebook political character, Baba Jukwa, to us, we would hereby like to notify that we (Mxolisi Ncube and Mkhululi Chimoio) have, with immediate effect, handed over the case to our lawyer, Obert Gutu of Gutu and Chikowero Attorneys-at-Law, who shall institute legal action on our behalf.

“This also means we will therefore, not comment on this matter, without first seeking advice from our lawyer, who shall act on our behalf from now until the matter is finalised.”

The person(s) running the “Baba Jukwa” Facebook page have been busy removing posts from the account that can potentially lead to criminal charges being raised.

Hackers at the weekend identified Chimoio and Ncube as the people running the page and some of the more damaging, ludicrous and potentially criminal posts have been deleted.

These include the bald claims that President Mugabe was planning on poisoning thousands of young Zimbabweans who were to attend his annual Children’s Party ahead of the 2014 February 21st Movement celebrations, and those with private cellphone numbers of public officials.

Baba Jukwa at one point posted a cell number that he claimed belonged to President Mugabe, something that Presidential spokesperson George Charamba laughed off.

Posting of private cell numbers could lead to criminal charges under telecommunications laws, as the posts were apparently designed to lead to harassment of the people in question.

Baba Jukwa has also on several occasions claimed President Mugabe’s death and/or being in a coma at a Singapore medical facility; things that immediately turned out to be lies.

Further, Baba Jukwa made several posts in which he accused people of murder, assault, rape, theft and fraud, among other things, which could fall foul of criminal defamation laws.

While Baba Jukwa has lost control of the e-mail account to the unidentified hackers, he/they retain(s) control of the Facebook page, and indications last night were that the account was being cleaned up to remove the damaging posts.

The claims related to certain individuals dying “soon” — including Prof Moyo — have not come to pass, something that led people to start questioning Baba Jukwa’s credibility more than a year ago.

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