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Nick Cannon Confirms What We All Feared About His Marriage to Mariah Carey

Now in its fourth season and bringing in a record 10 million viewers for its “Freak Show” premiere, there’s no disputing that FX’s “American Horror Story” is a hit. For those of you living under a rock without wi-fi, “American Horror Story” is an eerie and visually unsettling anthology series that adopts a specific theme each season. Cleverly exploiting the macabre and forcing us to dig deep into the dark thoughts that permeate our subconscious, “AHS” pays creepy homage to the horror genre.

One of the best characters in “Freak Show” is Pepper, the gremlin-ish microcephalic woman portrayed by the talented and versatile Naomi Grossman. We were first introduced to this deeply creepy character in the “Asylum” season of “AHS.” Naomi’s character was committed to the fictional Briarcliff Manor asylum after she was convicted of drowning her sister’s baby and cutting off his ears.
Naomi Grossman; as Pepper on "American Horror Story: Freak Show" (Credit: Vanie Poyey/FX)

How are you doing? I saw on Facebook that you got hit by a car while riding your bike. It wasn’t a deranged and creepy clown behind the wheel, I hope.

Actually, it was! New Orleanians are characteristically clowns, which is why I feel so at home here. And their drivers are deranged. Put it together and yes, a deranged clown hit me. I have horrible luck on bikes. I broke both my arms on one a couple years ago, and now this… Meh! He barely nicked me really. The scab from my scene with Jessica Lange last week is actually far worse.

Obviously I’m eager to discuss the latest season of “American Horror Story” and the return of Pepper. I didn’t think your show could get any creepier, but it’s managed to.

It’s funny, I must have a high threshold because I don’t find it that scary. Maybe because I see through the smoke and mirrors? Because I know there’s a guy pulling a cable an inch off what you’re seeing on screen? One of our freaks brought her 8-year-old to the premiere, who couldn’t handle Twisty. Which is odd, since she knows him personally. But I guess when they add music and cut it all together, they drastically increase the scare-factor.

You were with the Groundlings in LA, right. Otherwise known as “SNL”‘s assembly line. I think you have an Amy Sedaris thing going on. Read more: Salon

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