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Prophet W. Magaya and the $500 000 'sweetener' - The saga continues

In 2014, Prophet Magaya stirred controversy when he was rumored to have snatched someone’s wife using his spiritual muscle. The story generated a lot of debate within the Christian circles. In the end, the saga was said to be an extortion case against the servant of God. The case was suspended, for that time.

But alas, we reliably informed that the same servant of God actually paid the said sum to silence the involved parties in the case. And this could turn out to be the most secretive church deal to have transpired in Harare. After the aggrieved character had 'confessed to his sin in church' it was left to the Prophet to say, “There is no testimony without test. There is no way we can be where we are without being tested.”

The saga had surfaced in 2014, when Denford Mutashu initiated claims of adultery but later withdrew his claims and confessed openly in church, after withdrawing his court action. He said because of all these difficult life lessons; he had now written a book titled Theme of the Heart.

Prophet W. Magaya and the $500 000 'sweetener' - The saga continues
First things first. Not much is known about Prophet Magaya and his family, except that he is married and has two children. His wife, unlike other spouses does not hold any relevant title other than our loving mother. To those familiar with spiritual ranks, this might arise a stink. If the wife has not title, it means she is less involved in daily church activities. That means, she cannot be involved in counseling and other similar activities. There has been an influx of people seeking deliverance from the church who are accommodated there.

We understand, every person is susceptible to temptations. Without his wife available for counseling, the servant of God could have been overcome by 'lust and committed adultery'. Here, we are not suggesting that it happened but there is an elevated possibility when the prophet is alone and when his wife does not hold any spiritual office and does not exert any influence in the church. And without the aid of his wife, the dear prophet could have fallen, temporarily though.

The prominence that the media focused on the issue could have been two pronged. It might be there was indeed something to report on after the allegedly affair. But due to our underfunded investigative newsrooms, the prophet went ahead and paid a sweetener to silence the man. By the time, the media broke the story, the settlement could have been agreed. $500 000 is much for any man to refuse, even when a wife is concerned. Even when we factor in the extortion theory, anyone who proposed this idea is a 'genius'.

The second preposition could be that, the prophet had become larger than his spiritual office and some political figures sought to shave off his fame. We cannot rule out political interference in the case, considering the proliferation of character assassination that was initiated in the country towards those perceived contrary to some decisions. Prophet Magaya could have been retargeted because he fronted a large group, and his influence was rising each day. Whatever he said, prophetically or otherwise could be translated as the 'bible truth', hence the need to 'silence' him through any means available. Though he seems unscathed by the outcome, the allegations have shaken him and his family.

It remains to the public to either believe the prophet or the testimony offered by the aggrieved man in church because due to experience, we have seen people confessing to lies in order to get financial benefits. The church today is being abused as front to make money and as business ventures while congregates are silenced. - Salvation Press News (SPN).

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