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Gift Mahlupeka says Mathias Mhere is targeting my wife.

Controversial gospel musician Gift Mahlupeka has taken a dig at fellow gospel musician Mathias Mhere on Facebook and accused him of peddling rumours about his wife.

Through the Facebook post, Gift insisted that he never cheated with Mhere’s wife and accused the later of destroying his marriage for fame.

“Yeah they have started again, now hanzi my better half is now paralised kkkkkkkkkkk. Handidzore tsvimbo; am singing for the glory of God not for fame yet they are destroying their marriages for fame. I thought they sacrificed my life zvikakwana, vasiye varonge. My sweetheart isn’t paralysed as they want her to. You can persecute my flesh but as long as my heart pumps, I will carry on. luv u ol mwaaaa. remember ukasimudzwa nenyika ndiyo ichakuwisira pasi,” posted Gift on Facebook.
Gift Mahlupeka says Mathias Mhere is targeting my wife.
Gift is infamous for being implicated in an adultery scandal by Mhere who accused him of dating his wife in a story that rocked the gospel music industry a couple of months ago. Gift said he will continue singing for the Lord despite attacks to his reputation.

“Hapana chokumirira, they can persecute to the last but kana vasati vabata mweya wangu I will sing for the Lord. As for the Mhere isue, I have decided that I will not comment anymore,” he said.

Word has gone round alleging that Gift’s wife had a stroke, claims which he dismissed. He also took to social networking website Facebook to register his displeasure, suspecting that the Mhere camp could be the one spreading the rumour.

“My wife is fine. She never stroked as they are saying. It is painful that someone wishes for the ailment of someone but I’m happy she is fine. I know he is the one saying my sweetheart stroked but Mwari wandonamata mukuru, she cannot be paralysed because someone wants her to be,” he wrote.

When reached for comment, Mathias Mhere said he hard about Gift’s Facebook post but said he is not following it.

“I have heard that he posted something on Facebook. He even sang about it (his response to the adultery scandal) in his song but I can no longer comment about it. This is something that happened some time back and I’m no longer following it,” said the Favour hit maker.

Despite the Facebook post, Gift also said he will not comment about Mhere anymore, insisting that he is focusing on his career. He released a song titled Simudzwa naJesu after the scandal with Mhere and he was explaining himself in the song. The controversial musician who reportedly has a pending rape scandal with the police further claimed that he never cheated with Mhere’s wife, Susan Dzinamarira. He said Mhere was fabricating the issue for fame in a bid to market his latest album, Glory to Glory.

“I am an artiste and a minister of the word. After a terrible life experience I learnt something. So as an artiste I had to share the lesson with others,” he said.

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