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5 World's richest Women

5 World's richest Women
Become a millionaire or someone filthy rich certainly become the dream of many people around the world. However, to realize the dream is also not as easy as it turned over the palms. To meet daily needs, there's a lot of struggle that we do, of course, to realize the dream of being a millionaire needed a greater struggle and also quite a long time.
Become the richest person in the world is the way to be able to achieve anything you want. In addition, the popularity of the well you can get. Not only men who want this, women too can become a millionaire. A woman who was also a housewife, or a career woman is the figure of the equally hard-working and was always manages to complete the improvements. With talent like that, it is not impossible that a woman could also be a filthy rich, even become millionaires.
At a glance, what can be done to a woman can have a lot of money? Whereas the woman is just a woman, sometimes all work performed by him always be lighter than men. However, in this day and age, men can also work on the handle by a woman. There are many company founders in our country, also led by a woman, in fact our country has also been led by a woman president.
The Lady with all the kelembutanya and affection, was apparently able to overcome the various problems experienced in the field that he was working on. As some of these great ladies, quoted from there are 5 women who successfully got the title as the world's richest woman according to Forbes magazine, even one is woman following Indonesia. their story:
5 World's richest Women

Laurene Powell Jobs, USD 20.4 Billion
The woman who is the wife of the late Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Inc., also a success as the founder of the Emerson Collective, which is an organization that focuses its social reform to enhance the entrepreneurial. In addition, Lorene was also active as a member of the Board of Directors of Ozy Media and active in the investment world. Beyond that, Lorene also apparently has a stake in The Walt Disney Company of 7 or 8%.
No wonder if the total current kekayaanya had already reached USD 20.4 billion or Rp. 265.2 trillion. Lorene is truly remarkable. With had in building relationships, make investments and also planting stock, he gained a wealth that is so incredible. Perhaps this habit is also derived from the of her late husband, Steve Jobs.
Ana Lucia de Mattos Villela Barreto, USD 2.2 Billion
41 year old woman it's an citizen of Brazil. He has a bank which is one of the largest banks in Brazil. The Bank named itau Unibanco merged with doing this so changed its name to Itau-Unibanco. The largest private bank in Latin America, brings this Ana Lucia gets the title of the world's richest women of Forbes magazine, with a net worth of USD 3.6 billion or approximately 29.1 trillion rupiah.
Kartini Muljadi, USD 1.1 Billion
Kartini Muljadi is rumored to be the only woman from Indonesia, which got the title of the world's richest women in Forbes magazine. In 2014, he also was ranked as the 29th richest women with total wealth reached USD 1.1 billion or about us $ 14.3 trillion. The wealth of Kartini acquire some business that he manage, such as pharmaceutical companies and PT Tempo Scan Pacific Tbk. Women who are a former judge, now, presented one of his best for the youngest child-run named Handojo Selamet Muljadi.
Elizabeth Holmes, USD 2.9 billion
The 31-year-old woman who started his business with quite unique. Decided to stop College from Stanford University in the early years of his studies, he was desperate to open a laboratory for the taking of the blood that is named Theranos. He founded the laboratory of pendidikanya funds are supposed to be used for the cost study in the University. Elizabeth experienced a fear of needles, it's also a business establishment which aspects influenced he run. Since 2003, the company has been growing rapidly. By holding 50% shares ownership of the company, Elizabeth has a wealth of USD 4.6 billion or 37.2 trillion rupiah.
Yang Huiyan, USD 2.9 billion
Another 33-year-old milyuder, who is the richest woman in China after his father. His father was named Young Kwok Keung gave the company to his daughter in 2007. A company engaged in the real estate field named Country Garden was a success with the Australia market in 2014 and purchased land in the town of Sidney of USD 65 million. The Huiyan also managed to increase the value of the company of $ 410 million. Total wealth entirely owned by women this Chinese origin is of USD 4.7 billion or approximately Rp 61.1 trillion.
With a few facts about the richest women in the world, became the motivation for us women, that with hard work and always sure to make something we want to manifest, is one of the keys to the Summit, such as the women. in what ways can we develop business? You can start it with something you like, or you're good at. For example, do an Online Business by continuing to do the Promotion and innovation is also developing efforts and will have you living at the moment. Keep the spirit, Ladys!

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