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9 Galaxy Features a S7 Leakage pisses you "Disgust" at iPhone

After a long-awaited, finally giving clarity problem Samsung launch its newest flagship i.e. Galaxy S7. According to some news sites, Galaxy S7 will be officially announced on February 21, the next day before a big event or Mobile World Congres (MWC) 2016. This certainty is revealed through uploaded a teaser on YouTube a few days ago. Indeed, the Galaxy S7 has attraction for consumers especially Android lovers. Samsung is indeed often attach many different features and advanced technology for its flagship smartphone. Even though it has confirmed the certainty of when to launch, no one actually knows what kind of specifications, models, shapes, and excellence-excellence-owned Galaxy S7.

A lot of news alerts you that the Galaxy S7 to use certain features of the most "wow" even claimed there has been no other smartphones that have this feature. For that, we summarize some of the leaked about some Galaxy-S7 is ranging from specifications, models, to what features.

Leakage of forms, features and specifications of Samsung Galaxy S7

Battery life of up to 48 Hours

Ahead of the launch, Samsung Galaxy S7 mentioned have battery life classmates "monster". According to the website of news coverage, battery Galaxy S7 will have a capacity of 20 to 40 percent larger than on the S6. If so, then most likely Galaxy S7 will be armed with up to 3000 mAh of battery 3600 mAh. In fact, the Galaxy battery S7 claimed to have excellent power efficiency so that it can last up to 48 hours or 2 days in a one time charge.

Water Features

Don't want to lose with its competitors, Apple, Samsung is also rumored to use features and protection anti water at its newest flagship smartphone. Galaxy S7 is rumored to be using the protective coating from the surface up to the circuit component in the. Samsung also looks will complement the Galaxy S7 with certification anti air and anti dust IP67. These water features previously never used on Galaxy S5, but such features are missing on Galaxy S6 and his plan will again pinned on S7.

The Existence Of The MicroSD Slot

The storage capacity is often a problem for the users of smartphones. In the earlier series, Samsung external storage features eliminate on the grounds of efficiency of use of the hardware. But it turns out that on this rumored Samsung Galaxy S7 will again bring up the MicroSD slot on the smartphonenya. Even according to the leak, this MicroSD slot can support up to 200 GB of capacity. This feature is of course Samsung will be superior in comparison to its competitors, Apple.

The Descent Camera Resolution

Samsung Galaxy S6 has an advantage on a very large camera resolution i.e. 16 MP. But on this Samsung Galaxy S7 reportedly will lose resolution to 12 MP. But with the decline in density of these cameras can take any sharpness decreases. Samsung probably did make a Galaxy S7 is not for accentuating the camera side, but other specifications that can be used effectively and efficiently.

Hardware Specifications

Hardware or hardware is often the benchmark capability of a smartphone. On this, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is rumored to make many improvements. Among these are the use of RAM for 4 GB as well as the use of two different processors. Reportedly, there will be two versions of Galaxy S7 including Qualcomm and other is Exynos. reportedly S7 Exynos version will have a much better speed than Qualcomm.

The Use Of Wireless Chargers

Charging technology becomes one more attraction for a smartphone today. Samsung Galaxy S7 also rumored to join the embed feature wireless charger. Indeed, it is uncertain whether it was true or not but if seen, most smartphone flagship indeed use wireless charging.

Features Are Always On Display

Other leakage for Galaxy this is the feature of the S7 Always On Display that makes the screen smartphone will remain alive even though conditions are locked. Indeed logically this feature will drain much battery power, but reportedly Always On Display will not drain much power and is very light. This feature is claimed to only use one percent of battery power only. In addition, the operating system can reduce the power claimed Marshmallow battery usage and remain efficient.

The form and Result of Galaxy AnTuTu S7

One of Weibo account users named @JKwan uploaded the purported Galaxy S7 to be launched around the end of February. In this photo in addition to unfold the smartphone form, look also AnTuTu with test results is fantastic numbers i.e. 134,704. Despite the uncertain true or not, the Android lovers believe that the form and numbers are indeed true Galaxy S7.

Most high-value smartphone features a fingerprint or fingerprint to unlock. But reportedly, Samsung will not responsibility-the responsibility to ensure the security of the data of its users. According to rumours circulating Galaxy S7 will be equipped with the scanner is a useful alternative as eye unlock in addition to fingerprint or PIN code. If true there will be a feature, then the Galaxy S7 will be one of the first Smartphones that use eye scanners in addition to Lumia 950.

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