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Car purchased is not satisfactory, this man Hit and destroy the Showroom

Photo: Wenxuecity
Beijing -a man motorist Volkswagen annoyed that the car he bought was not satisfactory. To channel his emotions, men are known to be named Bai this crash and destroy it using the showroom building car VW berkelir white.

Seen in the CCTV video that appeared on YouTube, a man named Bai, according to Mashable drove his car with a hefty speed high. He crashed his car into the door of Beijing showroom 4S.

After being in the showroom, Bai did not stop. He menambrakkan his car to cars that are on display and whatever was inside the showroom. Bai pun out of the car and yelling in the showroom. He said, the staff of the 4S came to his home to threaten him and members of his family.

"I don't want to hurt anyone. I just want to ruin your reputation. They gave me a time limit and told me to pull keluhanku. I'm not interesting keluhanku and they came to mengancamku in my house. They said they would send ten men to rape my wife, "said Bai.

As it turns out, Bai who bought Volkswagen Sagitar 2015 in the showroom with a price 90000 yuan ($ 181 million) several times let down the party dealer. The disappointments began when Bai offered accessories for vehicles with a total additional cost 16100 yuan ($ 32 million).

However, it was reported dibellinya cars have a number of problems. Bai pun three times coming into the showroom to request repairs during the warranty period.

But, Bai remains dissatisfied and tried to sue party dealer to refund upgrade car. Dealer of parties claimed that the requirement is not unreasonable. Both parties then decided to resolve the issue privately.

In the settlement of cases that personally, the wife of Bai feel threatened. It was the one that triggered the action of Bai to destroy this showroom.

Party showroom denied threatening behavior. Even so, the dealer hopes to work together with Bai to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

In the meantime, due to this, dealer of Bai action is estimated to suffer losses up to 200,000 yuan. Currently, the showroom in the ruins, including the automatic glass doors of Germany and the front desk.

This dealer must be temporarily closed until the damage has been repaired.

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