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Not the Issue, Charlize Theron Confirm Merge ' Fast and Furious '

Not the Issue, Charlize Theron Confirm Merge ' Fast and Furious '

news the involvement of actress Charlize Theron in the movie "Fast and Furious 8" seems to be not a mere figment of the thumb. Because of this, South Africa-born actress has been confirmed will join Vin Diesel cs as reported by of Variety.

Previously, Charlize is called will portray the antagonist or villain of the film directed by Director f. Gary Gray. But unfortunately, it is still not yet known because the screenplay is still in the phase of workmanship.

This then makes his own Charlize don't want related boasted his role later. However, Charlize called will not expect much from the texts written by Chris Morgan, because himself can still suck the public attention with his role in The film "The Grey Man".

The film "The Grey Man" which was originally written to be played by an actor of this dirobak birthday favor could hook Charlize. The film also mentioned would be the franchise that sold for 40 years this actress and Sony.

Meanwhile, the "Fast and Furious 8" would still be starring actors such as Ludacris and Michelle Rodriguez. The plan, the film will be released on April 14, 2017.

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