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When you are in a relationship there are certain factors that help to make it or break it. For instance money does play a vital role in destroying your relationship if few factors are present.

Today in this article, we are here to share some of the the reasons as to how money can destroy your relationship. We often see people ending relationships, family ties or getting into legal fights due to this money factor. This can cause rift in your relationship.

Financial topic can be very sensitive to open up to your significant other about your finances. As money plays an important part in many aspects of day-to-day life. Learning to manage it and not let it ruin your relationships is quite risky.

One needs to be smart to handle this important factor. Ignoring it can keep you under loss too so you need to be careful about your decision making and setting up few rules for finances is important. This does not let it affect your relationships. Read on to know how money destroys relationships.
How Money Destroys Relationships
Being Upset That Your Partner Keeps Spending Your Money: If you feel that your partner is taking advantage of spending your money carelessly and this is affecting you then it high time that you sit down and decide on how to tackle this issue before it takes a toll on your relationship.

Keeping Secrets About Your Finances: This is one of the most important reasons which can destroy your relationship. Hiding your expenses can cause a rift between spouses. It is important for both the partners to discuss about finances specially if you are planning to get married.

Having Competition Over Income: One needs to understand that their partner is not their competition when it comes to income. You both need to work towards your goal of having a saving than taking each other as competition. This can lead to friction and fights.

Choosing Partner For Money: If you are a money minded person and chose a relationship, then for sure problems will arise in no time. Choosing a partner for your expenses and seeing them as a support system to your family will only nullify your feelings for them. Remember that money can buy everything but not love! So chose wisely.

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It is common sense that a man cannot  easily catch a woman who is cheating unless the woman wants you to get caught. Mathius Mhere's wife mgiht have made a mistake and didn't know how to make that wrong right.

She didn't know how to stop the affair and the boyfriend (Gift) was probably black mailing her, since he knew a lot about her. This is why its important to never tell friends about your marital problems. Gift knew something that Mhere's Wife didn't want Mathias to know, and he (Gift) might have used that information to manipulate her.
Mathius Mhere's Wife Responds 'GIFT IS A MANIPULATOR LIKE GUMBURA.'
Mhere's wife had to pretend to love gift or the cat in the bag gets nasty: So lets explore the possible reasons why she wanted to get caught,at:

1. Can’t Handle the Guilt: The cheater, realizing what he or she is doing is wrong, becomes so consumed with guilt that he or she wants to get caught because they can’t handle it anymore. The cheater may not know how to tell his or her mate about the affair, but will readily confess, if caught.

2. Doesn't Know How to End the Affair: The cheater may have been inadvertently drawn into infidelity without really intending to cheat on his or her mate. Realizing their mistake, the cheater wants to end the affair but doesn’t know how. The cheater knows that getting caught by you means the affair will definitely have to end.

3. To Call Attention to Problems in the Relationship: Sometimes a cheater want to get caught in order to call his partner’s attention to problems in their relationship. He or she may not know how to verbally express exactly what is wrong. Or the cheater may have tried to point out the problem, and their mate ignored the complaint, or failed to take it seriously. So as a last resort, the cheater does something drastic like cheating and getting caught, forcing the two of you to see a marriage or couples counselor to address the real issues behind the affair...

4. Revenge Cheating or Retaliatory Affairs: Maybe she was revenging the 2013 Mhere Mitchelle Jowa $30 Love Saga. Some people engage in revenge cheating or retaliatory affairs to repay a spouse or significant other for cheating on them. It’s the cheater’s way of evening the score. The majority of cheaters who do this are usually women. Most men would rather end the relationship than play emotional games. But sometimes men have revenge affairs, too. When a cheater goes out of his or her way to have a retaliatory affair, it’s almost imperative for the cheater to get caught.
5. To End the Marriage or Relationship
At times a cheater will engage in what marriage counselors call an “exit affair.” The cheater wants out of the marriage or relationship, but doesn’t want to be the one to pull the plug. Knowing that infidelity is a deal breaker for his or her mate, the cheater takes the coward’s way out. The cheater leaves enough clues to make certain of getting caught, thus forcing his or her mate to call it quits. The cheater may be in love with his or her affair partner, and wants to get a divorce to be with that person. Or it may not be about the affair partner at all. The cheater may simply want to be free.

Conclusion, One probability is, Mhere's wife had problems with Mhere and told Gift as a family friend. Its unfortunate Gift manipulated Mhere's wife by becoming the man Mhere's wife wanted his husband to be, buy giving him what he should have communicated to Mhere as a friend. ITS BETRAYAL.

Zimbabwean born producer Brian Soko took top honours when the smash hit he produced for Beyoncé won a Best R&B song Grammy.

A thrilled Soko took to Twitter to upload an image of himself and associates all touching the coveted golden horn at last night's Grammy Awards which took place in Los Angeles, USA.
Cassper Nyovest hitmaker wins Grammy for Beyoncé's 'Drunk in Love'
A beaming Soko had earlier tweeted about his excitement at attending the awards. Throughout the day, he retweeted well wishes from fans and supporters.

Soko, who is now based in the US, also worked with rap artist Cassper Nyovest on his hit, Phumakim as well as on K.O's Mission Statement and DJ Vigilante's Sgelekeqe featuring Ma-E, PRO, Maggz.

According to africa's, Soko fell in love with hip hop when his older brother, Prince introduced him to it. His father, who was a banker relocated the family to America after a short stay in South Africa. Soko studied sound engineering at a college in Florida.

He met his associates and the four formed The Order who have since produced music for Lil Wayne, Drake, Future and Rich Gang.
Brian Soko (red bowtie) pictured here with his producing collective, The Order who won a Grammy for fleshing out Beyonce's smash hit, Drunk in Love.
Image by: Instagram.
The producing collective have won three Billboard music awards - Most Performed Song 2014 R&B/Hip-Hop Award Song for Lil Wayne’s No Worries, Billboard No 1 Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Song for Beyoncé’s Drunk In Love and Billboard No 1 Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay for Beyoncé’s Drunk In Love.

A woman from Chitungwiza was thoroughly assaulted with a belt by her husband after she refused to let him insert his fingers into her privates at the onset of a bedroom session.

32-year-old Peter Kumusamala arrived home on the night of November 14 at about 11 pm, sloshed.

He asked his wife to undress and told her he wanted to engage in intercourse, a request she obliged to. He reportedly told his wife that he wanted to ‘warm’ her engine up by revving her ‘honeypot’ with his fingers.
Woman Bashed For Refusing Hubby’s Attempt to Finger Her
The wife, Fadzai Mahwite, objected saying it was too painful.

The snub drove Kumusamala up the wall, he went berserk, armed himself with a belt which he mercilessly used to thrash the hapless woman.

A report was made to the Police leading to the arrest of Kamusala and Mahwite was medically examined after the assault.

Kamusamala was fine $50 by Chitungiza Magistrate Don Ndirowei for physical abuse.

By Hope WekwaMusvosvi
Proverbs 31v 25 ,' She is clothed with STRENGTH and DIGNITY ;she can laugh at the days to come.

A man treats a woman how he see's her....And he learns how to treat her by watching how she treats herself.If a woman truly respects herself then her man will respect her too..Don't complain how bad someone treats you if you haven't first asked yourself why you are accepting it!!! Tony A. Gaskins Jr.

 High Heals High Standards
Woman you are valuable,Your creator engraved you on the palms of his hands,your walls are ever before him (Isaiah 49v 16). Learn to respect your body,Dressing immodestly is like rolling in manure.Yes you'll get attention,but mostly from Pigs.(1 Timothy 2v9),'WOMEN dress MODESTLY with DECENCY and PROPRIETY.v10 But with good deeds appropriate for women who PROFESS to worship GOD.Ever wondered why he is always demanding for sex,when you have made up your mind to be CELIBATE maybe its your dressing sister girl don't be a stumbling block to that brother (Romans 14 v 13),'Therefore let us not pass judgment on one another, but rather decide NEVER TO PUT A STUMBLING BLOCK OR HINDRANCE IN THE way of a brother.

Be a principled woman, if you meet a man and he has a wife or girlfriend leave him alone.Send married man home to their wives and families let them keep the vows they made to their wives.

Be a woman of integrity, Don't get caught up by what you see on the surface.God knows the trash underneath the treasure, and the treasure underneath the trash.Let him guide you. Just because he said he loves you doesn't mean that mean you break the vow you made to God that you will be Celibate till marriage.Stick to your principles sister girl.

Be Educated, don't let the values of this world keep you from achieving that which the Lord has in store for you,You are a Super woman, a woman of excellency.A woman came from the man's rib (Genesis 2v21) not under his feet to be stepped on,you are too precious sis to be looked down upon.If it's achieving your wildest dreams go for it sis 'the sky is the only limit.'

Sis playing house will not guarantee the ring. Neither does being introduced to his family guarantee you to move in with him before the RING!!!!!If they only want you to 'play' house, don't give them room to stay in your space.If they really want you, they will upgrade you from a ROOMMATE to a SOUL MATE.

Guard your heart and preserve your body, opening your legs to him will not let him love you more. Sex isn't more important than your heart.Everyone has a VISION when they first meet you its Either 'A VISION OF MARRYING YOU' or 'HAVING SEX WITH YOU' you are worth the wait sister girl wait until marriage.

Do not allow your desire to be NEEDED to end up as damage from being NEGLECTED.Resist the urge to let the wrong person use you up so that when the right one comes,you won't be empty and void of Love.I love you is just a word but love is patient,kind,does not envy,it does not boast,it is not proud,it is not rude,it is not self-seeking,it is not easy angered,it keeps no record of wrongs (1 Cori 13).

Its not only about wearing those stilettos but it's drawn to this conclusion HIGH HEELS HIGH STANDARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are worth far more than Rubies.

There is a way to "see" things, that you will have to develop as a "skill", if you are to succeed.

Let's Talk:
In the series of the Tentmaker, I shared with you a story about a company called Naspers, based in South Africa. Many of you were no doubt surprised to find out that, this relatively unknown company is the parent of DSTV, the pay-TV operator. You were probably just as surprised to learn that at $55bn, it is Africa's largest company by market value. And that contrary to to the conventional view about wealth, held in Africa, it is not a resource company, in oil, gold, diamonds or platinum. This is the sort of thing, that should catch your attention, as an Tentmaker.....and I am glad to see that many of you, "saw" this.

What Do You See? (Part 1) | Strive Masiyiwa
What else did you "see"?
That over 70% of Naspers value comes from the 34%, they own in a company called Tencent, in China! Tencent, is only 15 years old,but Naspers itself nearly 100 years. Tencent is not a resource company, but is primarily an Online media company.

What else did you "see"?
Did you see that over 70% of its income comes from the businesses that account for less than 70%, of its value!

Are these people mad, you might ask?
Tencent is valued at more than $140bn, and is worth much more than those famous gold, and Diamond companies like Ashanti Goldfield, De Beers Diamonds, Zimplats, Lonmin, Anglo American. Tencent has virtually no physical assets, and does not make that much money!

So what did you "see"?
When you were in grade 7, you were taught that 5+5=10;
When you got to High School, they said 5+2y=20
They said, it is Algebra, and you accepted, knowing that this was now for senior class.

There are some things about the world of business, which is for "senior class".

What did you "see"?
If Tencent, had been brought to you, in 2001, as a loss making start-up, in an industry that did not yet exist, and in China, not yet the hot economy it is today, would you have taken it? What if the option had been to get shares in a tobacco company, that was making lots of money?

Even as Christians, we know that what you learn in Sunday school, is for junior class revelation. As an adult, you will not prosper, if you try to live life, on the understanding of God, given in Sunday school.
The Apostle Paul, our chief Tentmaker, said:
"When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things. For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall know just as I also am known". (1Co13:11-12).

Is it not time to start seeing, as those in "senior" class?
If we are to "reign" in life, as we must (Roms5:17), then we must challenge, how we "see" things, all the time; making sure we are not living on "junior" class "thinking", "talking" and "understanding" of important issues, that affect our lives.


To be continued…

Albinos in East African countries are seen as spiritual elements that can be used for human blood rituals especially blood money with the believe that albinos bring good luck.

2 Witch Doctors In Tanzania Have Been Arrested For Killing Albinos
Two Tanzanian witch doctors have been arrested for allegedly killing a female albino by mutilating her body with a cutlass. One of the deceased albinism legs and several of her fingers were removed in the attack on Tuesday 14/05/2014.

Such killings have been reduced until yesterday when the dead woman's body was seen. This has prompted human rights group in Tanzania to call for all witch doctors to be banned for life. At a press conference on Wednesday, the group, Under The Same Sun said the current regulation of witch doctors was clearly not working.
BBC's representative Leonard Mubali in Dar es Salaam says that all witch doctors in Tanzania have to apply for a certificate from the ministry of health and welfare to in order practice. The attack took place in the village of Gasuma, in Simiyu province - a remote rural area in the north-west of Tanzania where killings of albinos have been reported in the past.

**Please help us tell Paul Scholes to keep away from Tanzania...

Following the trendy issue of the Abducted girls in Borno state of Nigeria. Many celebrities have been protesting and speaking out about the issue, Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji was interviewed recently by CNN’s Max Foster, where she talked about her government’s response to the Chibok school girls’ abduction.
Genevieve Mnaji

The interview below:
Max Foster: Genevieve Nnaji is an actress, model and singer who has been raising awareness on the #Bring Back Our Girls campaign. She told me they won’t stop till the missing girls are found. Take a listen.

Genevieve: Everyone is involved. We are all mothers, we are all humans and these are young girls that have been taken into captivity and uh . . . we just felt that as . . . some of us who have a bigger face and more recognizable in terms of being celebrities and having a large fan base, we thought it’s our responsibility to help shed light and bring the fight to the forefront and stop this inhumane act.

Max Foster: There’s been some criticism of the authorities in Nigeria that they were slow to react to this. What’s your reading into that?
Genevieve: Um, for me I think it would be unfair to say our government was slow to react because no one knew whether they reacted or not. The thing is we weren’t told, that’s the problem, we didn’t know if they were aware of the situation or not. So, the major problem people are having is that lack of communication between the government and the people. We just wanted them to, at least, react to us.

And make it aware to our knowledge that they know what was going on, we knew there was a problem at hand, its just that lack of communication.

Max Foster: Has it improved now?
Genevieve: Well, it has improved a whole lot, Now we can see things being put in place, now we can see the efforts being made and again, that will be credited to the noise that has been made, towards the campaigning that’s been made around the world, you know, the global community having an interest in this.

So, we are grateful for all the attention. What it has done is create hope in a situation that seemed hopeless in the beginning.

Max Foster: What do you make of other countries offering military support of various forms. Is that something that you welcome or would you rather that the Nigerian authority deal with it themselves?
Genevieve: This has been going on way too long and um . . . there’s no shame in asking for help and in taking it. The truth is, terrorism is not a country’s, it’s not our problem, it’s not a continent problem, it’s a global issue and if everyone can come together and help fight it at every point, at any part of the world, as long as we act as one again.

This is a breach of human rights, it’s something that should concern each and everyone. So, it’s welcome.

Max Foster: How has this affected Nigeria as a nation?
Genevieve: I think this situation is becoming a bit too close to home and this has nothing to do with gender, religion or whatever.

This is a human right problem and we are all human and what is going on is very, you know, inhumane if you ask me. And what it has done now is given us that confidence to know that our voices are loud enough to heard all around the world and we won’t stop. — NET.

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