Football Association has charged Manchester City center-back Martin Demichelis for his alleged betting offences.
FA charge Manchester City defender Martin Demichelis

The Argentinean defender was caught for his crime for the matches that were played between 22 and 28 January 2016.

Demichelis has 5 days to respond back to this action, he can make an appeal but it is unlikely to go in his way.

However, this charge is not linked with the matches he has played so far this season. Also, it will not affect his football career, he will continue to play the remaining Premier League games.

These new rules were implemented in 2014-2015 season which says that the players and managers are not allowed to gamble in any football activity around the world.

The FA has the power to charge any player or suspend if found guilty due to his gambling activities. But it is likely that FA will only charge the Argentine defender and will take any other actions.

The 35-year-old has made 22 appearances for the Citizens in all campaigns so far this season.

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