By Staff Reporter
CHITUNGWIZA – Zimdancehall singer and producer Dr Clarence lost an e-machines laptop and Internet dongle to daring thieves who broke into his Chitungwiza home on Sunday in the evening.

A furious Dr Clarence told Nehanda Radio the police had released one of the suspects on the basis that he was 17 years old. All in all he identified six suspects including Tracy, Joseph, Amos, Murehwa and Thomas from Nhanga Street.

He claimed Amos and Murehwa were wanted criminals and the group had used a taxi driver called Munya for their gateway on the day they stole his laptop.
Zim's leading music producer Dr Clarence loses laptop to thieves.
“The police did not investigate all the accomplices so 48 hours came to pass. She (Tracy) is my next door neighbour, another (Amos) is from the street behind and the other two (Amos and Murehwa) are wanted criminals.”

“The Police where on Easter, no investigations to this day. They deliberately let one suspect escape when they had an AK 47. This was when they finally came to the crime scene. The quick response was to do one and a half hours of paperwork.

“They chose paperwork instead of going on the ground, no sniffer dogs where called in and out of my own personal resources I managed to get fingerprints with the help of a few patriotic citizens.

“The police then released my other suspect saying he is 17, so does this mean juveniles should just steal other people’s property. Maybe the juvenile court is closed,” Dr Clarence fumed.

“The Police should compensate my fuel which I used to attend the crime scene, sleepless nights doing their job. Now I’m hearing the last suspect has been released yet she is supposed to be released through the courts.”

Dr Clarence said the thieves broke into his home using the front door and exited via the kitchen door since the key was inside.

“These criminals think my machines are the secret to my quality of work. What I’m most concerned about are my engineering designs for my machines.”

“The police destroy evidence and let suspects escape. They actually seem to be working with the thieves and you can’t even trust the police with information on the case. I even saw that one of the police officers had the number of one of the suspects (Tracy) saved on his phone, suggesting they know each other.”
Source: Dr. Clarence and Nehanda Radio.