Some celebs are very open about their background and ethnicity, while others don't mention it as often. These are stars whose faces you've seen, but you may not know they have black ancestors.
Jennifer Beals
Although she may not look like it at first glance, Jennifer Beals has an African-American father and an Irish-American mother. She's been vocal about how her race has affected her life, saying that she felt like an outsider because of it.
Vin Diesel
Although he may not know exactly where his ancestors are from, Vin Diesel has said that he considers himself a person of color. His mother is German, Irish, and Scottish, and he most likely has links to many other cultures as well.
Troian Bellisario
Troian has a wide variety of cultures in her genes, with her mother being African-American, French, and English, and her father Serbian and Italian.
Wentworth Miller
This handsome actor is also a melting pot of cultures. His father is African-American, English, German, Jamaican, and Cherokee, while his mother is Russian, Dutch, Lebanese, Swedish, Syrian, and French.

Mariah Carey
Mariah has been open about her heritage, stating that her father is African-American and Cuban, and her mother is Irish.
Rashida Jones
Having two famous parents, it might be easier to guess Rashida's background. Her father is Quincy Jones, who is predominantly African-American, but also has English, French, and Italian roots to name a few. And her mother is Peggy Lipton, who is Russian, Latvian, and Jewish.
Jessica Szohr
This "Gossip Girl" actress has a rich background, which can probably be guessed thanks to her distinct look. She has both African-American and Hungarian roots, although there are probably a few other cultures mixed in her genes as well.
Even if you may not see much of his face except for his signature curly hair and shades, you can probably guess that Slash has a rich background. His mother is African-American, his father is English, and both were involved in the music industry. It's no wonder Slash is such a gifted guitarist!
Meghan Markel
A successful model and actress, Meghan also comes from a diverse background. Her mother is African-American, and her father is both Dutch and Irish.
Dwayne Johnson
It may be easier to guess that The Rock comes from a rich background. His father is Black Nova Scotian and his mother is Samoan. He comes from a long line of wrestlers, with both his father and grandfather choosing the same profession, and his grandmother was also a wrestling promoter.
Pete Wentz
Probably one of the most surprising members of the list is Pete Wentz, singer, bassist, and lyricist for Fall Out Boy. His mother is Jamaican, and his father is English and German. We would have never guessed he had Jamaican roots!
Nicole Richie
Although she's more well-known for being Lionel Richie's adopted daughter, her biological father--Peter Escovedo III, a close friend of Lionel's--is African-American, Mexican, and Creole.