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Freeman Razemba Senior Reporter
United Family International Church yesterday received a certificate of appreciation from Harare City Council following a clean-up campaign they embarked on in the city last Sunday.

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and his wife Ruth last week joined thousands of church members in a clean-up campaign in Harare, which covered the city’s business area. The clean-up campaign was supported by the Harare City Council, which provided 17 refuse trucks.

The church members were divided into 30 groups comprising hundreds, with each group assigned to a bus termini or streets to sweep and pick up litter.
Prophet Makandiwa receives a certificate of appreciation from Harare City Council
The certificate was handed over to UFIC Pastor Prime Kufakunesu by City of Harare director of works Engineer Philip Pfukwa during a church service in Harare yesterday.

Pastor Kufa later handed over the certificate to Prophet Makandiwa.

“We were caught by surprise by the prophet last week. We really appreciated what you did last week and that is why as council, we want to say thank you. There is a lot which you did and it sent a strong message to the nation,” he said.

Eng Pfukwa said they were facing serious challenges as they sought to address the issue of garbage in and around the city.

“Let’s respect our country and let’s not litter everywhere,” he said.

Pastor Kufa said it was a good thing that the authority had appreciated the work they had done to clean up the city.

“On behalf of Prophet Makandiwa and Prophetess Makandiwa and the whole family, we would like to say thank you for saying thank you. Harare City council have shown that they are different from other people out there.

“There are some people who have been helped by the church and have never come back to say thank you,” he said.

Prophet Makandiwa said everyone had a role to play in making sure that the city was clean by avoiding throwing away litter.

“I want to also thank you for a wonderful opportunity given to us. I was told yesterday (Saturday) that you were going to be here today. I was so happy but at the same time I was not comfortable with my spirit because I never expected to be thanked for doing what is right.

“I believe that we are also responsible for the littering that we see in the city.

“And if you look at our council they have a lot of developmental responsibilities upon them and cleaning up of the city is just a minor section and we have overburdened them by allowing them to do things that we can do ourselves. I wouldn’t want to look as if we are helping them but as citizens we are also helping our- selves.” Herald

Herald Reporters
Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa of the United Family International Church and his wife Ruth yesterday joined thousands of their church members in a massive clean-up campaign in Harare which covered the city’s business area.

The clean-up campaign was supported by the Harare City Council, which provided 17 refuse trucks.

The church members were divided into 30 groups comprising hundreds, with each group assigned to a bus terminus or certain streets to sweep and pick up litter.
United Family International Church in a massive clean-up campaign.
At Simon Vengai Muzenda Street (formerly Fourth Street) bus terminus, business came to a standstill as people jostled to get a glimpse of Prophet Makandiwa and his wife, who joined a group assigned to clean up the area.

Speaking at a church service at the City Sports Centre just before the exercise, Prophet Makandiwa said there was need for collective effort to achieve a healthy and litter-free country. “As I was driving in our city I saw a situation that does not require money, but which we can address,” he said. “It’s a programme that requires energy and commitment.

“I feel there is something practical that we can do for our nation. We have more than 30 places that need to be cleaned.

“As we pray for the nation, we also realise that there are things that require effort and commitment, so in this case we are going to go in every part of the city picking up litter and sweeping every dirty area we will come across.”

Prophet Makandiwa said the Harare City Council was doing its best to remove litter, but that too many people were littering compared to the number of workers it has for the job. Church spokesperson Pastor Prime Kufakunesu said in an interview that the initiative was a brainchild of Prophet Makandiwa, who intends to de-litter the city and send a message to Zimbabweans to act responsibly.
“The church is sending a message to the people that it is our responsibility as citizens to keep our city clean,” he said.

“People have a wrong opinion that it is the responsibility of the City of Harare alone to maintain cleanliness.” Harare City Council’s principal communications officer Mr Michael Chideme commended the church for the clean-up campaign.

“We welcome the role the church is playing because this is what causes behaviour change since many people go to church,” he said. “If the church starts walking the talk then we are assured of a litter-free country because good values and norms come from the church.”

Harare residents also commended Prophet Makandiwa for being practical in his teachings and actions.
Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and his wife Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa sweeping during a clean-up campaign along Simon Muzenda Street in Harare yesterday
“We were not expecting that a person like Makandiwa could come and sweep at a bus terminus,” said Mr Norman Penzwa, who operates at Simon Muzenda terminus. “It shows that he is a humble man and the clean-up campaign is a good initiative and a challenge to all of us.”

A motorist, Mr Wayne Mudzimurega, urged Zimbabweans to emulate Prophet Makandiwa’s example.

It is common sense that a man cannot  easily catch a woman who is cheating unless the woman wants you to get caught. Mathius Mhere's wife mgiht have made a mistake and didn't know how to make that wrong right.

She didn't know how to stop the affair and the boyfriend (Gift) was probably black mailing her, since he knew a lot about her. This is why its important to never tell friends about your marital problems. Gift knew something that Mhere's Wife didn't want Mathias to know, and he (Gift) might have used that information to manipulate her.
Mathius Mhere's Wife Responds 'GIFT IS A MANIPULATOR LIKE GUMBURA.'
Mhere's wife had to pretend to love gift or the cat in the bag gets nasty: So lets explore the possible reasons why she wanted to get caught,at:

1. Can’t Handle the Guilt: The cheater, realizing what he or she is doing is wrong, becomes so consumed with guilt that he or she wants to get caught because they can’t handle it anymore. The cheater may not know how to tell his or her mate about the affair, but will readily confess, if caught.

2. Doesn't Know How to End the Affair: The cheater may have been inadvertently drawn into infidelity without really intending to cheat on his or her mate. Realizing their mistake, the cheater wants to end the affair but doesn’t know how. The cheater knows that getting caught by you means the affair will definitely have to end.

3. To Call Attention to Problems in the Relationship: Sometimes a cheater want to get caught in order to call his partner’s attention to problems in their relationship. He or she may not know how to verbally express exactly what is wrong. Or the cheater may have tried to point out the problem, and their mate ignored the complaint, or failed to take it seriously. So as a last resort, the cheater does something drastic like cheating and getting caught, forcing the two of you to see a marriage or couples counselor to address the real issues behind the affair...

4. Revenge Cheating or Retaliatory Affairs: Maybe she was revenging the 2013 Mhere Mitchelle Jowa $30 Love Saga. Some people engage in revenge cheating or retaliatory affairs to repay a spouse or significant other for cheating on them. It’s the cheater’s way of evening the score. The majority of cheaters who do this are usually women. Most men would rather end the relationship than play emotional games. But sometimes men have revenge affairs, too. When a cheater goes out of his or her way to have a retaliatory affair, it’s almost imperative for the cheater to get caught.
5. To End the Marriage or Relationship
At times a cheater will engage in what marriage counselors call an “exit affair.” The cheater wants out of the marriage or relationship, but doesn’t want to be the one to pull the plug. Knowing that infidelity is a deal breaker for his or her mate, the cheater takes the coward’s way out. The cheater leaves enough clues to make certain of getting caught, thus forcing his or her mate to call it quits. The cheater may be in love with his or her affair partner, and wants to get a divorce to be with that person. Or it may not be about the affair partner at all. The cheater may simply want to be free.

Conclusion, One probability is, Mhere's wife had problems with Mhere and told Gift as a family friend. Its unfortunate Gift manipulated Mhere's wife by becoming the man Mhere's wife wanted his husband to be, buy giving him what he should have communicated to Mhere as a friend. ITS BETRAYAL.

Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries leader, Walter Magaya is in trouble with Zimbabwe’s largest Christian group, Vapositori, which has vowed to expose him as a magician and fake prophet.

As the fight between the two Christian denominations escalated last week, the Vapositori group said its members were challenging Magaya to an open spiritual power contest.

Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ) president Archbishop Johannes Ndanga said the fallout between his 700-member church grouping and Magaya now calls for an open contest to prove the source of power each of the denomination uses.
Last week, Vapositori said God had revealed to them that Magaya was not a Man of God, but used artifacts — including snakes — as the source of his spiritual power to draw large crowds to his congregation.
Last week, Vapositori said God had revealed to them that Magaya was not a Man of God, but used artifacts — including snakes — as the source of his spiritual power to draw large crowds to his congregation.

They were responding to Magaya’s claim in his book titled Marine Spirits, Mweya Yemumvura in which he branded all white-garment churches popularly known as Vapositori as agents of evil marine spirits from the dark kingdom — with a propensity to threaten congregants with death.

“We are now daring him [Magaya] to an open contest to prove that he does not use power from God,” Archbishop Ndanga said.

“There is nothing unusual, even in the Bible, in the book of Exodus; Moses had such a contest with Egyptian magicians when Pharaoh refused to release the children of Israel to Canaan — their promised land. The same contest happened again in the book of Kings when Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal.”

Archbishop Ndanga added: “We are now calling Magaya to a similar contest. He should exorcise the marine spirits in us and we will expose his snakes. If he wants them, we will not kill them, but the people will know where he draws his power from.”

Moses in the book in Exodus, Chapter 7, had a power contest with Egyptian magicians who could perform miracles and the power of God prevailed, the same happened when Elijah challenged King Ahab’s 450 idol worshipers and prophets of Baal and 400 prophets of the goddess Asherah who were supported by Queen Jezebel and killed them in Mount Carmel.

Ndanga said Magaya was a “magician” and religious entrepreneur out to fleece the poor out of their hard-earned cash.
“Jesus used water; he was baptised in water, so was John the Baptist. If we have marine spirits, then we are taking them from our master Jesus Christ of Nazareth whom we worship,” Archbishop Ndanga added.

Efforts to get a comment from Magaya since last Sunday through his lawyer Everson Chatambudza yielded no results. Questions were sent to him inquiring if he would be willing to take up the challenge by the Vapostori to a spiritual power duel, but no response had been received at the time of going to press.

In his booklet broadcast, on his Yadah TV channel, Magaya branded all apostolic churches as agents of evil.

“It is from these Orion and Leviathan spirits of the marine kingdom where false, non-Bible believing white garment churches are derived,” Magaya said in his booklet.

“It is also unfortunate that many people have been deceived to follow or visit these kinds of shrines [masowe] in an effort to go over their problems, yet to no avail.

“Many people who have visited these non-Bible believing churches have had their problems worsened, while others have been permanently hooked to them after receiving various continuous serious threats including death [zviga zverufu netsaona] thereby becoming members,” he added.

Magaya’s remarks drew wide outrage from the ACCZ and Zanu PF waded into the fight, with the party youth provincial chairperson for Harare, Godwin Gomwe warning the charismatic preacher against vilifying Vapositori whom he said were his party’s all-weather friends.

Some members of the Vapositori then approached their association claiming they had also discovered the source of Magaya’s power and sought permission to “destroy Magaya’s snakes and other artifacts” which they claimed were used to lure people to his church.
“He [Magaya] has snakes that live in oil. The same oils are given to people as anointing oil. We want to destroy them. God has showed us,” said one of the Vapositori, who refused to be named claiming the issues was being handled by Archbishop Ndanga.

Magaya, however told The Weekend Post that he was unfazed by the attack on his person by the Vapositori and any of their associates, possibly Zanu PF, as his message was from God.

I do not say things from my head, but God has instructed me to deliver that message, hence I did so. God knows the reason why he sent me with that type of message, hence I am not worried about what society might say,” Magaya said.

In 2014, Prophet Magaya stirred controversy when he was rumored to have snatched someone’s wife using his spiritual muscle. The story generated a lot of debate within the Christian circles. In the end, the saga was said to be an extortion case against the servant of God. The case was suspended, for that time.

But alas, we reliably informed that the same servant of God actually paid the said sum to silence the involved parties in the case. And this could turn out to be the most secretive church deal to have transpired in Harare. After the aggrieved character had 'confessed to his sin in church' it was left to the Prophet to say, “There is no testimony without test. There is no way we can be where we are without being tested.”

The saga had surfaced in 2014, when Denford Mutashu initiated claims of adultery but later withdrew his claims and confessed openly in church, after withdrawing his court action. He said because of all these difficult life lessons; he had now written a book titled Theme of the Heart.

Prophet W. Magaya and the $500 000 'sweetener' - The saga continues
First things first. Not much is known about Prophet Magaya and his family, except that he is married and has two children. His wife, unlike other spouses does not hold any relevant title other than our loving mother. To those familiar with spiritual ranks, this might arise a stink. If the wife has not title, it means she is less involved in daily church activities. That means, she cannot be involved in counseling and other similar activities. There has been an influx of people seeking deliverance from the church who are accommodated there.

We understand, every person is susceptible to temptations. Without his wife available for counseling, the servant of God could have been overcome by 'lust and committed adultery'. Here, we are not suggesting that it happened but there is an elevated possibility when the prophet is alone and when his wife does not hold any spiritual office and does not exert any influence in the church. And without the aid of his wife, the dear prophet could have fallen, temporarily though.

The prominence that the media focused on the issue could have been two pronged. It might be there was indeed something to report on after the allegedly affair. But due to our underfunded investigative newsrooms, the prophet went ahead and paid a sweetener to silence the man. By the time, the media broke the story, the settlement could have been agreed. $500 000 is much for any man to refuse, even when a wife is concerned. Even when we factor in the extortion theory, anyone who proposed this idea is a 'genius'.

The second preposition could be that, the prophet had become larger than his spiritual office and some political figures sought to shave off his fame. We cannot rule out political interference in the case, considering the proliferation of character assassination that was initiated in the country towards those perceived contrary to some decisions. Prophet Magaya could have been retargeted because he fronted a large group, and his influence was rising each day. Whatever he said, prophetically or otherwise could be translated as the 'bible truth', hence the need to 'silence' him through any means available. Though he seems unscathed by the outcome, the allegations have shaken him and his family.

It remains to the public to either believe the prophet or the testimony offered by the aggrieved man in church because due to experience, we have seen people confessing to lies in order to get financial benefits. The church today is being abused as front to make money and as business ventures while congregates are silenced. - Salvation Press News (SPN).

Bongani Ndlovu Chronicle Correspondent
PROPHET Walter Magaya’s Bulawayo crusade was punctuated with miracles as the lame walked, throwing away their crutches and wheelchairs during the two days at AmaZulu Sports Club.People from all walks of life thronged the venue and gave testimony of how they had been healed during the crusade.

Magaya had declared that the church services were going to free people from joblessness, financial problems and evil spirits, among others.

“Today is your day of testimony, you will tell your neighbour that you were there (at the Bulawayo Crusade) and you were healed,” said Magaya.

He said God has the power to answer one’s prayers immediately.
Miracles galore at Magaya crusade
“We have heard in the past that we should be patient with regards to answers from God. Well I say that God is a God of now, now, now, now, now,” said Magaya with a huge roar accompanying the declaration.

He said people should denounce all their enemies who do not want to see them prosper in life and use juju to tie them down.

“There are people who steal your hair, use your picture and pieces of cloth to make juju so that they block your prosperity in life. Others do not want you to be promoted while others do not want you to keep your job. I say denounce them in the name of Jesus so that whatever they want to do does not prosper,” said Magaya.

He rounded off his meeting with more healing sessions for the sick and physically challenged.

Magaya’s preaching on the first day was taken from Bible verse Acts 16 verse 25-26 which reads: “And at midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners heard them. And suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken: and immediately all the doors were opened, and every one’s bands were loosed.”

HARARE - Manchester City’s win of the English Premiership over rivals Liverpool has reignited debate on the alleged prophecy by charismatic preacher, Prophet Uebert Angel following his much publicised lawsuit against Supersport.

When the curtain came down on the Premiership yesterday, the Daily News sought Angel’s comments after Supersport last year reported that the flamboyant millionaire Spirit Embassy leader had predicted that Liverpool would win the English title.
Angel maintains Liverpool stance
But Angel denied ever making such a prophecy and yesterday his pastors maintained that did not make the prediction hence his lawsuit against Supersport.

In January Angel tweeted: “I never prophesied Liverpool winning any cup. I don't know where SuperSport got it-Even if by some chance Liverpool wins doesn’t give me credit.”

A pastor with the church yesterday maintained that while Angel is known to have prophesied accurately soccer results in the past, he never prophesied that Liverpool would win the title.

He said: “In fact contrary to recent reports that he sued when he saw Liverpool losing in March, Angel’s recant was not in March 2014 but on the 1st of January 2014 on his official twitter account when the league was just half way the mark and wide open for any top half teams to clinch the title.

“We even went on to produce a disclaimer video footage on YouTube which was uploaded on the January 2014, two days after SuperSport had published the story.”

In an interview with Daily News just after his Exodus Night held on the December 31, 2013, Angel said “Maybe there is another Prophet Angel who prophesied that. As for this Uebert Angel, he never gave such a prophecy, never give me credit for prophesying something I didn’t.”

Angel’s camp pursued the case against SuperSport in January in South Africa but his legal advisors referred it back to Zimbabwe to seek jurisdiction in the country where the case is centered.

“This is the reason why the case was raised in March in Zimbabwe where SuperSport’s agent Skynet was cited in the matter.

“However, SuperSport never provided evidence to prove Angel said it and everyone in Angel’s church has never heard him say Liverpool was to win. It is yet to be seen what action they will take now that Liverpool has lost the title race,” said the pastor who refused to be named as he has no authority to speak to the press on the matter.

Pressed by the Daily News if they were not trying to manage a prophecy gone wrong, the pastor said: “The Angel in the papers is not the Angel we know. Prophet Angel from the beginning of January even to you guys reiterated that Liverpool would not be taking the cup just as he said in your paper in January. Supersport must just apologise but I am sure knowing the humility of this man (Angel), this case might be solved amicably”

By Blessing Masakadza
A local church pastor has been accused of double crossing and impregnating a 25 year old girl friend before ditching her for another woman.

Pastor Clement Lufaneti formerly with the Heartfelt International Ministries was reportedly dating the lady identified as Tafadzwa allegedly lying to her that he had broken up with his long-time lover Evelyn Tinosekwa.

Reports are that when news was broken to him that Tafadzwa was pregnant he began shifting goal posts saying he was married.

The man of cloth reportedly started dating Tafadzwa in June last year and has been allegedly lying to her about his relationship status.
Pastor Clement Lufaneti
“The two have been dating since June last year. Tafadzwa got the news about Evelyn and confronted Clement who denied the relationship. He said he had broken up with her and they continued dating. When she told him that she was pregnant that is when he started becoming evasive. He then told Tafadzwa that it was impossible to be with her as he is married,” said the source.

“He promised to look after her, renting a house for her but that has not come to fruition and Tafazdwa is having a rough life,” added the source.

Contacted for comment, the man of cloth said he does not know anyone by the name Tafadzwa.

He said he never dated her and said she could be a person after tarnishing his image.

“I do not know that person; I never dated a Tafadzwa. Everything is not true and there is need for a thorough investigation because this could be someone only after tarnishing my image. If I knew her or dated her there will be nothing to hide but in this case, it is not true,” he said.

Tafadzwa was shocked to hear that the pastor disowned her.

She insisted that she had a relationship with the man of the cloth.

“He cannot say he does not know me when I have proof that we were together. He is lying,” she said. H Metro

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