www.idboeing.com — User reported bug iOS devices on iOS 9.3. This bug also affects the older version of iOS, although the characteristics of the bug is still unclear.

Among people who reported the presence of bugs, many of which use the devices of Apple's latest iPhone, IE the 6s and iPhone Plus 6s.

Bug in iOS 9.3 Caused Crashes When Surfing With Safari
However, according to 9to5Mac, this bug also affects the model of iPhone and iPad. Up to now, still unknown the cause of this bug. One thing is for sure, this bug caused user can't open links in Safari, Mail, Messages, Notes and other applications.

When they try to open a link, the application will freeze or even ceased altogether.

Meanwhile, most any user reported that when they try to open a link, then it's not the case whatsoever, but when they do a tap-and-hold, then the application will crash.

To date, there have been hundreds of people who reported on this issue in the Apple Support Forums. Now, there is still no fix for this bug and Apple also have yet to comment officially about what happened.

Some people reported that disabling JavaScript may resolve this problem, although not completely. Turn off JavaScript allows the user to open links in Safari but this problem still exists in another application.

The cause of this bug are still unclear, but, given this many bugs affect the iPhone Plus 6s, 6s and then there's a possibility, this bug occurs because of a bug in feature 3D Touch. However, given this bug also appears in other Apple device, chances are, the causes of the emergence of this bug more than one.

One thing that is weird is because this bug appear in so many different Apple devices and also affect different applications.