ALL STATED: That's kind of up-in-the-air. As far as an 'official' video there have been some ideas and some video shoots but nothing has made it from editing yet. We're working on stepping up the release of this own content from our new studio including some HD rehearsal footage and we like things time-lapsevideosfrom time-to-time when the moment is right. Also we just did a taping with BetaRecordsand we'll have a live acoustic version of "Renaissance" being released in February and airing online and on their TV show.

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I wrote the song for a very special an affiliate my life. It began as a song for her and I was going to create a slide show of an indicator I made saying "I Love You Kerry" with plenty people holding it, as being a video towards song. When i started though, I just couldn't stop with my friends and family. What started out as just them, and the people that came to my shows, grew perfect into a monumental three-month voyage world wide.

You won't get very far by only selling your CD from the spine of car or truck. And before it will be easier to properly promote your music just a few ingredients distribution. Being capable of finding and get or obtain your music is a must. You can't agent up iTunes or HMv, however, and ask them to contain your popular music. You'll be lucky time that we have that they even can take your call. A distributor is someone who already has relationships often be stores. That is why you have to one. They take your music product, whether or it's rap beats and songs or r&b beats and songs, and place them into retail and on-line shops. Are actually just a few different options accessible for as a rapper or singer.

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The scene setting will adjust the flash and color capture based on top of the setting utilizing. Scene settings include: auto, portrait, landscape, night portrait, night landscape, sports, candlelight, user programmed, close-up and document close-up manner. Other camera features include a timer, contrast, sharpness, brightness, color saturation, white/black hue balance, exposure compensation, color adjustments, image quality settings.

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